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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2024Physical reservoirs based on MoS2–HZO integrated ferroelectric field-effect transistors for reservoir computing systemsLingqi Li; Heng Xiang ; Haofei Zheng; Yu-Chieh Chien ; Ngoc Thanh Duong ; Jing Gao ; Kah Wee Ang 
1-Dec-2023A Dynamic Memory for Reservoir Computing Utilizing Ion Migration in CuInP2S6Yangwu Wu; Ngoc Thanh Duong ; Yu-Chieh Chien ; Song Liu; Kah Wee Ang 
27-Nov-2023High-Performance Memristors Based on Few-Layer Manganese Phosphorus Trisulfide for Neuromorphic ComputingZhengjin Weng; Haofei Zheng; Wei Lei; Helong Jiang; Kah Wee Ang ; Zhiwei Zhao
26-Sep-2023Reliable Memristor Crossbar Array Based on 2D Layered Nickel Phosphorus Trisulfide for Energy-Efficient Neuromorphic HardwareZhengjin Weng; Haofei Zheng; Lingqi Li; Wei Lei; Helong Jiang; Kah Wee Ang ; Zhiwei Zhao
23-Sep-2023Technology and Integration Roadmap for Optoelectronic MemristorJinyong Wang; Nasir Ilyas; Yujing Ren; Yun Ji ; Sifan Li ; Changcun Li; Fucai Liu; Deen Gu; Kah Wee Ang 
5-Oct-2023Review of safety regulations, codes, and standards (RCS) for hydrogen distribution and applicationYilin An; Tzu Yang Loh ; Panikkar Sujith Bhaskara; Siang Meng Ivan Sin 
30-Sep-2022Effect of lactic acid fermented foods on glycemic control in diabetic adults: A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsXi Vivien Wu ; Wei Zhou TEO; Jie Yang SEE; Sheena RAMAZANU ; James Chun Yip CHAN
2-Feb-2022Modeling functional time series and mixed-type predictors with partially functional autoregressionXiaofei Xu; Ying Chen ; Ge Zhang; Thorsten Koch
4-Oct-2023Ideal thermochromic smart window in a south-facing office room of China considering daylighting and energy performanceXiaoqiang Hong; Xinyue Zheng; Junwei Lin
15-Nov-2023Assembling exits and returns: The extraterritorial production of repatriation for Filipino migrant workersKaren Anne S Liao
28-Sep-2022?The Amazingly Fabulous Tuk tuk Race?: Mobility and carnival praxis in the semiotic landscape of Phnom Penh PrideBenedict J. L. Rowlett; Christian Go
15-Jan-2024Russia-Ukraine War, India, and US Grand Strategy: Punishing or Leveraging Neutrality?Chirayu Thakkar
30-May-2023Engineering Escherichia coli to assimilate β‑alanine as a major carbon sourceNga Yu Poon ; Kang Zhou ; Anthony J. Sinskey
31-Jan-2024Nanopore sequencing improves construction of customized CRISPR-based gene activation librariesHanding Wang; Heng Yih Tan; Jiazhang Lian; Kang Zhou 
2023Pt–Sn nanoalloys on Sn-Beta zeolite for efficient propane dehydrogenationMiao C.; Liu M.; Tan S.; Zhang G.; Chu S.; Song S.; Zhang Q.; Yu J.; Jiang G.; Song W.; He Q. ; Luo W.; Wu Z.
19-Nov-2023Home SOS: Gender, Violence, and Survival in Crisis Ordinary CambodiaDave McLaughlin; Rosa Yi; Eunbi Ko; Vimuolea Hang; Michele Lancione
15-Dec-2023Human-Animal Interaction and Human Prosociality: A Meta-Analytic Review of Experimental and Correlational StudiesAndree Hartanto; Nadyanna M. Majeed; Gloria J. Lai; Paye Shin Koh; K. T. A. Sandeeshwara Kasturiratna; Manmeet Kaur; Alycia Z. Y. Ho; Jose C. Yong; Andree Hartanto
20-Feb-2024Empowering the religious minority: Examining the mobilizing role of social media for online political participation in an Asian democracySaifuddin Ahmed; Muhammad MASOOD; Yifei Wang
19-Aug-2023A Prediction-based Iterative Kuhn-Munkres Approach for Service Vehicle Reallocation in Ride-hailingYuhan Guo; Wenhua Li; Linfan Xiao; Hamid Allaoui
25-Mar-2024Switching Dynamics in Anti-Ferroelectric Transistor for Multimodal Reservoir ComputingYufei Shi; Ngoc Thanh Duong ; Yu-Chieh Chien ; Sifan Li ; Heng Xiang ; Haofei Zheng; Kah Wee Ang 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 766