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120-Apr-2022Anneal-Free HZO-Based Ferroelectric Field-Effect Transistor for Back-End-of- Line-Compatible Monolithic 3D IntegrationTsai Shih-Hao; Chun-Kuei Chen; WANG XINGHUA ; UMESH CHAND ; SONU DEVI; Evgeny Zamburg ; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
26-Mar-2022Extremely- Scaled Channel Thickness ZnO FET with High Mobility 86 cm2/V-s, Low SS of 83mV/dec and Low Thermal Budget Process (<300°C)Umesh Chand ; Chen Chun-Kuei; Manohar Lal ; Sonu Hooda; Hasita Veluri; Zihang Fang; Shih-Hao Tsai; Aaron Voon-Yew Thean 
311-Oct-2022First Demonstration of Ultra-low Dit Top-Gated Ferroelectric Oxide-Semiconductor Memtransistor with Record Performance by Channel Defect Self-Compensation Effect for BEOL-Compatible Non-Volatile Logic SwitchChun-Kuei Chen; Zihang Fang; Sonu Hooda; Manohar Lal ; Umesh Chand ; Zefeng Xu; Jieming Pan ; Shih-Hao Tsai; Evgeny Zamburg ; Aaron Voon-Yew Thean 
413-Apr-2022Stress-Memorized HZO for High-Performance Ferroelectric Field-Effect MemtransistorTsai Shih-Hao; Fang Zihang; WANG XINGHUA ; UMESH CHAND ; Chun-Kuei Chen; SONU DEVI ; SIVAN MAHESWARI; JIEMING PAN; Evgeny Zamburg ; THEAN VOON YEW, AARON 
512-Jun-2022Sub-10nm Ultra-thin ZnO Channel FET with Record-High 561 µA/µm ION at VDS 1V, High µ-84 cm2/V-s and1T-1RRAM Memory Cell Demonstration Memory Implications for Energy-Efficient Deep-Learning ComputingUmesh Chand ; Mohamed M Sabry Aly; Manohar Lal ; Chen Chun-Kuei; Sonu Hooda; Shih-Hao Tsai; Zihang Fang; Hasita Veluri; Aaron Voon-Yew Thean