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Yunn Hwen Gan
Gan, Y.H.
Gan, Y.-H.
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13-Oct-2023A hydrophilic polyimidazolium antibiotic targeting the membranes of Gram-negative bacteriaChen, Yahua ; Yong, Melvin ; Li, Ming; Si, Zhangyong; Koh, Chong Hui; Lau, Pearlyn; Chang, Yi Wei; Teo, Jeanette; Chan-Park, Mary B; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
231-Aug-2023Acquisition of regulator on virulence plasmid of hypervirulent Klebsiella allows bacterial lifestyle switch in response to ironChu, Wilson HW ; Tan, Yi Han ; Tan, Si Yin ; Chen, Yahua ; Yong, Melvin ; Lye, David C ; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Archuleta, Sophia ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
31-Oct-2017Anti-Cancer Drug HMBA Acts as an Adjuvant during Intracellular Bacterial Infections by Inducing Type I IFN through STINGGamage, Akshamal Mihiranga ; Lee, Kok-Onn ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
41999Antitumour immunity of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin and interferon alpha in murine bladder cancerGan, Y.H. ; Zhang, Y. ; Khoo, H.E. ; Esuvaranathan, K. 
57-Jul-2020Bacterial-induced cell fusion is a danger signal triggering cGAS-STING pathway via micronuclei formationKu, Joanne Wei Kay ; Chen, Yahua ; Lim, Bryan Jian Wei; Gasser, Stephan; Crasta, Karen Carmelina ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
62020Bacterium-Templated Polymer for Self-Selective Ablation of Multidrug-Resistant BacteriaQi, Guobin; Hu, Fang; Kenry ; Chong, Kok Chan ; Wu, Min; Gan, Yunn Hwen ; Liu, Bin 
72008Burkholderia pseudomallei infection of T cells leads to T-cell costimulation partially provided by flagellinYe, Z. ; Lee, C.M.L.; Sun, G.W. ; Gan, Y.-H. 
82005Caspase-1 dependent macrophage death induced by Burkholderia pseudomalleiSun, G.W.; Gan, Y.-H. ; Lu, J. ; Cao, Weiping ; Pervaiz, S. 
92009Caspase-1 mediates resistance in murine melioidosisBreitbach, K.; Kohler, J.; Eske, K.; Wongprompitak, P.; Steinmetz, I.; Sun, G.W. ; Liu, Y. ; Gan, Y.-H. ; Tan, G.
1020-Jan-2020Cell envelope defects of different capsule-null mutants in K1 hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae can affect bacterial pathogenesisTan, Yi Han ; Chen, Yahua ; Chu, Wilson HW; Sham, Lok-To ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
112018Characterisation of cellular effects of Burkholderia pseudomallei cycle inhibiting factor (Cif)Ng M.Y. ; Gan Y.-H. ; Hagen T. 
122014Characterization and analysis of the Burkholderia pseudomallei BsaN virulence regulonChen Y. ; Schröder I.; French C.T.; Jaroszewicz A.; Yee X.J.; Teh B.-E. ; Toesca I.J.; Miller J.F.; Gan Y.-H. 
132002Characterization of Burkholderia pseudomallei infection and identification of novel virulence factors using a Caenorhabditis elegans host systemGan, Y.-H. ; Chua, K.L. ; Liu, B.; Hii, C.S.; Chua, H.H.; Chong, H.L.; Tan, P.
142017Comparison of diabetic and non-diabetic human leukocytic responses to different capsule types of Klebsiella pneumoniae responsible for causing pyogenic liver abscessLee, I.R ; Sng, E ; Lee, K.-O ; Molton, J.S ; Chan, M; Kalimuddin, S ; Izharuddin, E; Lye, D.C ; Archuleta, S ; Gan, Y.-H 
15Aug-2017Complement-activated vitronectin enhances the invasion of nonphagocytic cells by bacterial pathogens <i>Burkholderia</i> and <i>Klebsiella</i>Tan, Yi Han ; Gamage, Akshamal M ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
1623-Sep-2022Copper-Nanoparticle-Coated Fabrics for Rapid and Sustained Antibacterial Activity ApplicationsGoncalves, Rui A; Ku, Joanne WK ; Zhang, Hao; Salim, Teddy; Oo, Guodong ; Zinn, Alfred A; Boothroyd, Chris; Tang, Richard MY ; Gan, Chee Lip; Gan, Yunn-Hwen ; Lam, Yeng Ming
178-Dec-2020Designer broad-spectrum polyimidazolium antibioticsZhong, W; Shi, Z; Mahadevegowda, SH; Liu, B; Zhang, K; Koh, CH; Ruan, L; Chen, Y; Zeden, MS; Pee, CJE; Marimuthu, K ; De, PP; Ng, OT; Zhu, Y; Chi, YR; Hammond, PT; Yang, L; Gan, YH ; Pethe, K ; Greenberg, EP; Gründling, A; Chan-Park, MB
182016Differential host susceptibility and bacterial virulence factors driving Klebsiella liver abscess in an ethnically diverse populationLee, I.R ; Molton, J.S ; Wyres, K.L; Gorrie, C; Wong, J ; Hoh, C.H ; Teo, J; Kalimuddin, S ; Lye, D.C ; Archuleta, S ; Holt, K.E; Gan, Y.-H 
19Mar-2024Discovery of Broad-Spectrum Repurposed Drug Combinations Against Carbapenem-Resistant <i>Enterobacteriaceae</i> (CRE) Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven PlatformLi, Ming; You, Kui; Wang, Peter ; Hooi, Lissa ; Chen, Yahua ; Siah, Anqi; Tan, Shi-Bei ; Teo, Jeanette; Ng, Oon-Tek ; Marimuthu, Kalisvar ; Venkatachalam, Indumathi ; Blasiak, Agata ; Chow, Edward Kai-Hua ; Ho, Dean ; Gan, Yunn-Hwen 
201999Distribution of Epstein-Barr virus antigenic sites on the carboxyl terminal end of ribonucleotide reductase against nasopharyngeal carcinoma serum antibodies using an immunoabsorption methodGan, Y.Y.; Hu, R.; Chai, D.; Tan, T.T.M.; Gan, L.H.; Gan, Y.H. ; Chan, S.H.; Tsao, S.Y.