Full Name
Khoo Hong Woo
(not current staff)
Hong Woo Khoo
Khoo, H.W.
Khoo, H.-W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-1994Assessment of pMTL construct for detection in vivo of luciferase expression and fate of the transgene in the zebrafish, Brachydanio rerio.Patil, J.G.; Wong, V. ; Khoo, H.W. 
21999Detection of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning toxins from tropical shellfish using liquid chromatography-selected reaction monitoring mass spectrometryHolmes, M.J. ; Teo, S.L.M. ; Khoo, H.W. 
31991Ecology of marine fouling organisms at eastern Johore StraitKoh Lip Low; Hong Woo Khoo ; Lip Lin Koh 
41993Gene transfer by microinjection in the zebra fish Brachydanio rerio.Khoo, H.W. ; Ang, L.H.; Lim, H.B.
51-Sep-1999Metallothionein cDNA, promoter, and genomic sequences of the tropical green mussel, Perna viridisKhoo, H.W. ; Patel, K.H. 
61-Feb-1996Nuclear internalization of foreign DNA by zebrafish spermatozoa and its enhancement by electroporationPatil, J.G.; Khoo, H.W. 
7Jul-1997Nuclear microscopy study of fish scalesTang, S.M. ; Orlic, I. ; Yu, K.N.; Sanchez, J.L.; Thong, P.S.P. ; Watt, F. ; Khoo, H.W. 
818-May-1999Persistent low concentrations of diarrhetic shellfish toxins in green mussels Perna viridis from the Johor Strait, Singapore: First record of diarrhetic shellfish toxins from South-East AsiaHolmes, M.J. ; Teo, S.L.M. ; Lee, F.C. ; Khoo, H.W. 
92001Production of 7-deoxy-okadaic acid by a new caledonian strain of Prorocentrum Lima (Dinophyceae)Holmes, M.J. ; Lee, F.C. ; Khoo, H.W. ; Teo, S.L.M. 
10Mar-1989Production of methyl farnesoate by the mandibular organs of the mud crab, Scylla serrata: Validation of a radiochemical assayTobe, S.S.; Young, D.A.; Khoo, H.W. 
111-Oct-1992Sperm cells as vectors for introducing foreign DNA into zebrafishKhoo, H.-W. ; Ang, L.-H.; Lim, H.-B. ; Wong, K.-Y.
122000Sperm-mediated gene transfer studies on zebrafish in SingaporeKhoo, H.-W. 
131985Strontium/calcium ratio analysis of molluscan shells in Singapore waters using the X-ray fluorescence techniqueKhoo, H.W. ; Mok, K.F. ; Tang, S.M. ; Yap, C.T. 
14Jun-1994The damselfishes (Pisces: Osteichthyes: Pomacentridae) of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore: systematics, ecology and conservationSin, T.M. ; Teo, M.M.; Ng, P.K.L. ; Chou, L.M. ; Khoo, H.W. 
151988The identity of macrobrachiumlanchesteri (De man, 1911) (Decapoda, palaemonidae) from peninsular malaysia and singapore, and a description of its first zoeaChong, S.S.; Khoo, H.W. 
16Mar-1997Transient expression of two luciferase reporter gene constructs in developing embryos of Macrobrachium lanchesteri (De Man)Bensheng, J. ; Khoo, H.-W. 
171995Ultrastructural in situ hybridization and autoradiographic detection of foreign DNA in zebrafish spermatozoaPatil, J.G.; Khoo, H.W.