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Oklić, I.
Orlić, I.
Orlic, I.
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1Jul-1997A PIXE micro-tomography experiment using MLEM algorithmNg, Y.K.; Orlic, I. ; Liew, S.C. ; Loh, K.K. ; Tang, S.M. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Watt, F. 
22-Sep-1995A quantitative study of elements in the blood cells of the tropical ascidian Phallusia philippinensis using the nuclear microscopeThong, P.S.P. ; Law, N.C.; Orlic, I. ; Lane, D.J.W. ; Watt, F. 
31997Air pollution in Singapore: Its multielemental aspect as measured by nuclear analytical techniquesOrlić, I. ; Wenlan, B.; Watt, F. ; Tang, S.M. 
4Jul-1997Analysis of dinosaur samples by nuclear microscopyWu, X. ; Orlić, I. ; Tang, S.M. ; Wang, Y.; Wang, X.; Zhu, J.
5Mar-1998Analysis of singapore marine sediments by PIXETang, S.M. ; Orlic, I. ; Wu, X.K. 
6Sep-1996Analysis of stoichiometry of high-Tc superconducting films by RBS and PIXE methodsŠandrik, R.; Jergel, M.; Štrbik, V.; Nakamura, K.; Ishii, A.; Orlic, I. ; Tang, S.M. ; Watt, F. 
71-May-1993Computer simulation of PIXE and μ-PIXE spectra for inhomogeneous thick target analysisLoh, K.K. ; Sow, C.H. ; Orlic, I. ; Tang, S.M. 
82-Apr-1999Elemental depth profiles in marine sediments of Singapore coastal watersOrlić, I. ; Tang, S.M. 
91994Experimental L-shell X-ray production and ionization cross sections for proton impactOrlic, I. ; Sow, C.H. ; Tang, S.M. 
101994First-order theories for adiabatic L-shell ionization by protonsSmit, Z.; Orlić, I. 
11Mar-1998Fluence dependence of IBIC collection efficiency of CMOS transistorsOsipowicz, T. ; Sanchez, J.L.; Orlic, I. ; Watt, F. ; Kolachina, S.; Chan, D.S.H. ; Phang, J.C.H. 
121998Imaging of charge collection properties of CVD diamond using high-resolution ion beam induced charge technique with protons and alpha particlesJakšić, M.; Tadić, T.; Orlić, I. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Vittone, E.; Manfredotti, C.
13Jul-1996K-shell ionization of V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and Cu by 5-12 MeV carbon ionsFazinić, S.; Tadić, T.; Bogdanović, I.; Jakšić, M.; Orlić, I. ; Valcović, V.
14Mar-1998L X-ray production cross sections of medium Z elements by 4He ion impactOrlić, I. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Sow, C.H. 
152-Mar-1994L X-ray production cross sections of medium Z elements for 0.4 to 2.0 MeV protonsSow, C.H. ; Orlic, I. ; Osipowicz, T. ; Tang, S.M. 
1628-Sep-1994L-shell X-ray production cross sections of In, Sn, Te, Cs, La, Pr, Nd and Sm for protons of energy 2-6 MeVFazinic, S.; Bogdanovic, I.; Jaksic, M.; Orlic, I. ; Valkovic, V.
17Dec-1994L-shell X-ray production cross sections of Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, and Lu for protons of energy 2-6 MeVFazinić, S.; Bogdanović, I.; Jakšić, M.; Orlić, I. ; Valković, V.
18Apr-1996L-subshell ionization of Eu, Gd and W by 1.6-5.2 MeV protonsBogdanović, I.; Fazinić, S.; Jakšić, M.; Orlić, I. ; Valković, V.
193-Apr-1993Measurement of phosphorus content in silica layersLoh, K.K. ; Sow, C.H. ; Tan, K.H. ; Tan, H.S. ; Tang, S.M. ; Orlic, I. ; Osipowicz, T. 
203-Apr-1993New parameters for the calculation of L subshell ionization cross sectionsSow, C.H. ; Orlic, I. ; Loh, K.K. ; Tang, S.M.