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Mok Kum Fun
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Mok, K.-F.
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1Mar-199612,13,25,26-Tetraaza-2,15-dithia[3.3]phenanthrolinophane. Synthesis, conformational study and complexation reactionsLai, Y.-H. ; Ma, L.; Mok, K.F. 
25-Aug-19961H NMR studies of palladium complexes with tridentate chelates, E - S(O) - E (E = P, As) and their novel asymmetric analogueSiah, S.-Y.; Mok, K.F. ; Leung, P.-H. 
317-May-20043,11,19-Trithia[3.3.3]pyridinophane: Structural diversity in its transition metal complexesVetrichelvan, M. ; Lai, Y.-H. ; Mok, K.F. 
419935-Substituted 1,3,4-oxathiazol-2-ones as a sulfur source for a sulfido cluster: Synthesis and molecular structure of the 48-electron equilateral triangular cluster anion [Mn3(μ3-S)2(CO)9]-Fang, Z.-G.; Hor, T.S.A. ; Mok, K.F. ; Ng, S.-C. ; Liu, L.-K.; Wen, Y.-S.
521-Apr-20039,21,22-Triaza-2,11-dithia[3.3](2,6)pyridino(2,9)phenanthrolinophane: A five-donor macrocycle functioning as a bidentate ligandMa, L.; Mok, K.F. ; Lai, Y.-H. 
67-Feb-2003A new NS4 quinquedentate macrocyclic ligand: Synthesis, structure and properties of its Ni(II), Pd(II), Pt(II), Cu(II), Cu(I) and Ag(I) complexesVetrichelvan, M. ; Lai, Y.-H. ; Mok, K.F. 
7Feb-1996A P-O chelation with palladium: Toward understanding of the stereochemistry of an optically active sulfinyl-substituted phosphine with five stereogenic centresSiah, S.-Y.; Leung, P.-H. ; Mok, K.F. ; Drew, M.G.B.
81998A Palladium Complex Promoted Asymmetric Synthesis of a Novel P-Chiral Diphosphine Containing an Ester Functional GroupSong, Y.; Mok, K.F. ; Leung, P.-H. ; Chan, S.-H. 
9Feb-1996A Raman study of RbSnBr3Kuok, M.H. ; Tan, L.S.; Shen, Z.X. ; Huan, C.H. ; Mok, K.F. 
101996A Simple and Efficient Approach to a Rigid Diphosphine Ligand Containing Two Phosphorus and Three Carbon Stereogenic Centers by Means of a Palladium Complex Promoted Asymmetric Diels-Alder ReactionSelvaratnam, S. ; Mok, K.F. ; Leung, P.-H. ; White, A.J.P.; Williams, D.J.
111996A simple route to a novel enantiomerically pure P-chiral phosphine ligand containing a tertiary amide functional groupLeung, P.-H. ; Loh, S.-K.; Mok, K.F. ; White, A.J.P.; Williams, D.J.
129-Apr-1999A versatile and efficient approach to enantiomerically pure monodentate and bidentate P-chiral phosphinesLeung, P.-H. ; Liu, A.; Mok, K.F. 
1322-Mar-2001Adsorption and reaction of NH3 on Ti/Si(1 0 0)Siew, H.L.; Qiao, M.H.; Chew, C.H. ; Mok, K.F. ; Chan, L.; Xu, G.Q. 
147-Dec-1996Asymmetric syntheses, structures and co-ordination chemistry of palladium(II) complexes containing a chiral P,S hybrid bidentate ligandLeung, P.-H. ; Loh, S.-K.; Mok, K.F. ; White, A.J.P.; Williams, D.J.
151997Asymmetric synthesis of a rigid diphosphine ligand containing two phosphorus and four carbon stereogenic centres by means of a chiral palladium complex promoted Diels-Alder reactionLeung, P.-H. ; Selvaratnam, S. ; Cheng, C.R.; Mok, K.F. ; Rees, N.H.; McFarlane, W.
161997Asymmetric Synthesis of P-Chiral Diphosphines. Steric Effects on the Palladium-Complex-Promoted Asymmetric Diels-Alder Reaction between a Dimethylphenylphosphole and (E/Z)-Methyl-Substituted DiphenylvinylphosphinesAw, B.-H.; Andy Hor, T.S. ; Selvaratnam, S. ; Mok, K.F. ; White, A.J.P.; Williams, D.J.; Rees, N.H.; McFarlane, W.; Leung, P.-H. 
171997Asymmetric synthesis of two diastereomeric P-chiral diphosphine ligands containing a pair of dissimilar asymmetric phosphorus donor atomsLiu, A.; Mok, K.F. ; Leung, P.-H. 
18Mar-1995Characterization of xF2:(1 - x)AgPO3 and xAgF:(1 - x)AgPO3 glassesChowdari, B.V.R. ; Mok, K.F. ; Xie, J.M.; Gopalakrishnan, R. 
1915-Aug-1988Cobalt(III) complexes with racemic polyamine ligands 1. Isomers formed using 5,5,7(R,S),12,12,12,14(R,S)-hexamethyl-1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane (tetb)Mok, K.F. ; House, D.A.
201-Dec-1997Convenient route to niobium in lower oxidation states: Synthesis and crystal structure of K4[Nb(C2O4)4]·4H 2O·1/2H2C2O4Ooi, B.-L. ; Shihabara, T.; Sakane, G.; Mok, K.-F.