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61Nov-2012Risk factors for adverse outcomes and multidrugresistant Gram-negative bacteraemia in haematology patients with febrile neutropenia in a Singaporean university hospitalPoon, L.M.; Jin, J.; Chee, Y.L.; Ding, Y.; Lee, Y.M.; Chng, W.J.; Chai, L.Y.-A.; Tan, L.K.; Hsu, L.Y. 
62Dec-2010Six cases of daptomycin-non-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia in SingaporeHsu, L.-Y. ; Leong, M.; Balm, M. ; Chan, D.S.; Huggan, P. ; Tan, T.-Y.; Koh, T.-H.; Hon, P.-Y.; Ng, M.M. 
636-Nov-2018Spatial and temporal projections of the prevalence of active tuberculosis in CambodiaPrem, K ; Pheng, SH; Teo, AKJ ; Evdokimov, K ; Nang, EEK ; Hsu, LY ; Saphonn, V; Tieng, S; Mao, TE; Cook, AR 
642017Spatial dynamics of TB within a highly urbanised Asian metropolis using point patternsDas, S; Cook, A.R ; Wah, W ; Win, K.M.K; Chee, C.B.E; Wang, Y.T; Hsu, L.Y 
652012Specialist trainees on rotation cannot replace dedicated consultant clinicians for antimicrobial stewardship of specialty disciplinesYeo C.L.; Wu J.E.; Chung G.W.T.; Chan D.S.G.; Fisher D. ; Hsu L.Y. 
66Nov-2013Spread of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii global clone 2 in Asia and AbaR-type resistance islandsKim, D.H.; Choi, J.-Y.; Kim, H.W.; Kim, S.H.; Chung, D.R.; Peck, K.R.; Thamlikitkul, V.; So, T.M.-K.; Yasin, R.M.D.; Hsueh, P.-R.; Carlos, C.C.; Hsu, L.Y. ; Buntaran, L.; Lalitha, M.K.; Song, J.-H.; Ko, K.S.
67Jan-2013ST22 and ST239 MRSA duopoly in Singaporean hospitals: 2006-2010Teo, J.; Tan, T.Y.; Hon, P.Y.; Lee, W.; Koh, T.H.; Krishnan, P.; Hsu, L.Y. 
682010Surveillance and correlation of antibiotic prescription and resistance of gram-negative bacteria in Singaporean hospitalsHsu, L.-Y. ; Tam, V.H. ; Fisher, D.A. ; Tan, T.-Y.; Kwa, A.; Koh, T.-H.; Krishnan, P.; Chiew, Y.-F.; Jureen, R.; Tee, N.
699-Dec-2011Surveillance of broad-spectrum antibiotic prescription in Singaporean hospitals: A 5-year longitudinal studyLiew, Y.-X.; Krishnan, P.; Yeo, C.-L.; Tan, T.-Y.; Lee, S.-Y.; Lim, W.-P.; Lee, W.; Hsu, L.-Y. 
702010Teaching hand hygiene to medical students using a hands-on approachFisher, D. ; Ng, T.M. ; Patlovich, K.; Teo, F.; Hsu, L.Y. ; Pereira, L. 
71Dec-2007Tetanus in an injecting buprenorphine abuserTeo, F.S.W.; Li, Y.H. ; Lam, K.N.S.F.; Johan, A.
72Feb-2011The challenge of introducing a hand hygiene standard to clinical examinationsFisher, D. ; Aw, M.; Hsu, L.Y. ; Patlovich, K.; Ho, K.Y. 
732017The epidemiology and transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in the community in Singapore: Study protocol for a longitudinal household studyShankar, N ; Chow, A.L.P ; Oon, J ; Hsu, L.Y ; Ang, B; Pang, J ; De Sessions, P.F; Periaswamy, B; Tambyah, P.A ; Teo, D.B; Tam, C.C 
74Jun-2012Tropical Fungal InfectionsHsu, L.Y. ; Wijaya, L.; Shu-Ting Ng, E.; Gotuzzo, E.
752008Use of ICD-9 diagnosis codes in epidemiologic surveys may significantly underestimate the incidence and impact of invasive pneumococcal disease locallyHsu, L.Y. ; Koh, T.H.
76Jul-2011Use of procalcitonin (pct) to guide discontinuation of antibiotic use in an unspecified sepsis is an antimicrobial stewardship program (asp)Liew, Y.X.; Chlebicki, M.P.; Lee, W.; Hsu, L.Y. ; Kwa, A.L.
772015Using an adenosine triphosphate bioluminescent assay to determine effective antibiotic combinations against carbapenem-resistant gram negative bacteria within 24 hoursCai Y.; Leck H.; Lim T.P. ; Teo J.; Lee W.; Hsu L.Y. ; Koh T.H. ; Tan T.T. ; Tan T.-Y.; Kwa A.L.-H.