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12018Basal condensation of Numb and Pon complex via phase transition during Drosophila neuroblast asymmetric divisionShan, Z; Tu, Y; Yang, Y ; Liu, Z; Zeng, M; Xu, H; Long, J; Zhang, M; Cai, Y ; Wen, W
22020C-Type Lectins Link Immunological and Reproductive Processes in Aedes aegyptiLi, H.-H.; Cai, Y. ; Li, J.-C.; Su, M.P.; Liu, W.-L.; Cheng, L.; Chou, S.-J.; Yu, G.-Y.; Wang, H.-D.; Chen, C.-H.
35-Mar-2021Deployable Telescopic Tubular Mechanisms With a Steerable Tongue Depressor Towards Self-Administered Oral SwabKumar, KS ; Nguyen, TD ; Kalairaj, MS ; Hema, VM ; Cai, CJ ; Huang, H ; Lim, CM ; Ren, H 
42015Dpp/Gbb signaling is required for normal intestinal regeneration during infectionZhou, Jun; Florescu S.; Boettcher A.-L.; Luo Lichao; Dutta D.; Kerr G.; Cai Yu ; Edgar B.A.; Boutros M.
52020Par complex cluster formation mediated by phase separationLiu, Z.; Yang, Y.; Gu, A.; Xu, J.; Mao, Y.; Lu, H.; Hu, W.; Lei, Q.-Y.; Li, Z.; Zhang, M.; Cai, Y. ; Wen, W.
62019RanGAP-mediated nucleocytoplasmic transport of Prospero regulates neural stem cell lifespan in Drosophila larval central brainWu, D; Wu, L; An, H; Bao, H; Guo, P; Zhang, B; Zheng, H; Zhang, F; Ge, W; Cai, Y ; Xi, Y; Yang, X
72016Silver nanoparticles disrupt germline stem cell maintenance in the Drosophila testisOng, C; Lee, Q.Y; Cai, Y ; Liu, X ; Ding, J ; Yung, L.-Y.L ; Bay, B.-H ; Baeg, G.-H 
82015The structural basis of Miranda-mediated Staufen localization during Drosophila neuroblast asymmetric divisionJia, M; Shan, Z; Yang, Y ; Liu, C; Li, J; Luo, Z.-G; Zhang, M; Cai, Y ; Wen, W; Wang, W