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Manivannan Sivaperuman Kalairaj
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Mar-2021Deployable Telescopic Tubular Mechanisms With a Steerable Tongue Depressor Towards Self-Administered Oral SwabKumar, KS ; Nguyen, TD ; Kalairaj, MS ; Hema, VM ; Cai, CJ ; Huang, H ; Lim, CM ; Ren, H 
214-Oct-2021Fully-printable soft actuator with variable stiffness by phase transition and hydraulic regulationsLiao, Tingchen; Kalairaj, Manivannan Sivaperuman ; Cai, Catherine Jiayi; Tse, Zion Tsz Ho; Ren, Hongliang 
327-Oct-2019Hydrogel-matrix encapsulated Nitinol actuation with self-cooling mechanismMANIVANNAN SIVAPERUMAN KALAIRAJ ; Banerjee, Hritwick; Lim, Chwee Ming; Chen, Po-Yen; Ren, Hongliang
414-May-2021Stretchable capacitive pressure sensing sleeve deployable onto catheter balloons towards continuous intra-abdominal pressure monitoringSenthil Kumar, Kirthika ; Xu, Zongyuan; Sivaperuman Kalairaj, Manivannan ; Ponraj, Godwin ; Huang, Hui; Ng, Chi-Fai; Wu, Qing Hui; Ren, Hongliang 
516-Aug-2021Strong, Ultrastretchable Hydrogel-Based Multilayered Soft Actuator Composites Enhancing Biologically Inspired Pumping SystemsBanerjee, Hritwick ; Manivannan Sivaperuman Kalairaj ; Ren, Hongliang ; Jusufi, Ardian
620-Sep-2021Thermo-responsive hydrogel-based soft valves with annular actuation calibration and circumferential grippingKalairaj, Manivannan Sivaperuman ; Banerjee, Hritwick ; Kumar, Kirthika Senthil ; Lopez, Keith Gerard ; Ren, Hongliang 
71-Nov-2021Untethered origami worm robot with diverse multi-leg attachments and responsive motions under magnetic actuationKalairaj, Manivannan Sivaperuman ; Cai, Catherine Jiayi; Pavitra, S.; Ren, Hongliang