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Lim, Lai-Huat
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003A conceptual framework on the adoption of negotiation support systemsLim, J. 
2Dec-1996A Framework for Addressing Group Judgment Biases with Group TechnologyLim, L.-H. ; Benbasat, I.
32009A multiple-case study of the instructor's roles in courseware developmentLiu, N. ; Yi, C. ; Lim, J. 
42006A review of the development of information technology and education: The role of cultureKoh, E. ; Lim, J. 
52008A study of group support systems and the intergroup settingLim, J. ; Guo, X. 
6Mar-1992A theoretical perspective of negotiation support systemsLim, L.-H. ; Benbasat, I.
72009An empirical investigation on the effectiveness of virtual learning environment in supporting collaborative learning: A system design perspectiveLiu, N. ; Zhong, Y. ; Lim, J. 
82000An experimental investigation of the impact of NSS and proximity on negotiation outcomesLim, J. 
91998Collaborative requirements engineering: An overview and a proposed integrated modelAng, Daniel; Lim, Lai-Huat ; Chan, Hock-Chuan 
102009Cyber migration: An empirical investigation on factors that affect users? Switch intentions in social networking sitesZengyan, C.; Yinping, Y.; Lim, J. 
112012Decision support for online group negotiation: Design, implementation, and efficacyGuo, X. ; Lim, J. 
121990Does GDSS promote more democratic decision-making? The Singapore experimentLim, L.H. ; Raman, K.S. ; Wei, K.K. 
132007Effect of gender composition and negotiation support systems in dyadic settingWang, Z. ; Lim, J. 
142008Effects of cultural orientation on attitude toward anonymity in e-collaborationZhong, Y. ; Liu, N. ; Lim, J. 
152007Enhancing negotiators' performance with computer support for pre-negotiation preparation and negotiation: An experimental investigation in an East Asian contextLim, J. ; Yang, Y.P. 
162008Exploring computer-based multilingual negotiation support for English - Chinese dyads: Can we negotiate in our native languages?Lim, J. ; Yang, Y.P. 
172009Exploring the influences of individualism-collectivism on individual's perceived participation equality in virtual learning teamsZhong, Y. ; Liu, N. ; Lim, J. 
182010Factors affecting e-payment adoption in NigeriaGholami, R.; Ogun, A.; Koh, E. ; Lim, J. 
192007Gender differences and cultural orientation in e-collaborationZhong, Y. ; Wang, Z. ; Lim, J. 
201998Integrated model on the adoption of Internet for commercial purposesLim, Lai-Huat ; Gan, Binnie ; Wei, Kwok-Kee