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Raman, K S
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Raman, Krishnamurthy S.
Raman, K.S.
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11990Decision Support Systems in Singapore: Issues in their management and their beneficial contributionsRaman, K.S. ; Phoon, C.K.
21990Does GDSS promote more democratic decision-making? The Singapore experimentLim, L.H. ; Raman, K.S. ; Wei, K.K. 
31997Effects of group support system and task type on social influences in small groupsHuang, W. ; Raman, K.S. ; Wei, K.-K. 
4Jul-1994Empirical study of the task dimension of group support systemTan, Bernard C.Y. ; Raman, Krishnamurthy S. ; Wei, Kwok-Kee 
5Sep-1994Engagement of external expertise in information systems implementationThong, J.Y.L. ; Yap, C.-S. ; Raman, K.S. 
61997Environments for information systems implementation in small businessesThong, J.Y.L.; Yap, C.-S. ; Raman, K.S. 
71989Group decision support systems. The cultural factorHo, T.H. ; Raman, K.S. ; Watson, Richard T.
8Jun-1996Hypertext: A new approach to construct group support systemsWei, K.-K. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Sia, C.-L. ; Raman, K.S. 
91992Impact of consultants on computerization success in small businessesSoh, C.P.P. ; Yap, C.S. ; Raman, K.S. 
101993Impact of task-medium fit on effectiveness and efficiency in GDSS supported meetingsTan, B.C.Y.; Wei, K.K. ; Raman, K.S. 
11Mar-1997Information technology in three small developed countriesEin-Dor, P.; Myers, M.D.; Raman, K.S. 
121994Institutional factors in information technology innovationKing, J.L.; Gurbaxani, V.; Kraemer, K.L.; McFarlan, F.W.; Raman, K.S. ; Yap, C.S. 
13Oct-1994Interacting effects of GDSS and leadershipLim, L.-H. ; Raman, K.S. ; Wei, K.-K. 
14Oct-2004IT industry development and the knowledge economy: A four country studyEin-Dor, P.; Myers, M.; Raman, K.S. 
151990Performance model of the Teleview systemChang, William; Raman, K.S. ; Upchurch, E.T.
161988PERFORMANCE MODEL OF VAX-CLUSTER.Ranai, K. ; Raman, K.S. ; Upchurch, E.T.
171992SAGE: a hypercard-based GDSSWei, K.K. ; Tan, B.C.Y. ; Raman, K.S. 
18Nov-1994Shell environment for developing connectionist decision support systemsQuah, Tong-Seng ; Tan, Chew-Lim ; Raman, Krishnamurthy S. ; Teh, Hoon-Heng ; Srinivasan, Bobby S. 
192000Software engineering productivity measurement using function points: A case studyBok, H.S.; Raman, K.S. 
20Sep-1991The effect of GDSS and elected leadership on small group meetingsHo, T.H. ; Raman, K.S.