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Teck Hua Ho
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Ho, T.-H.
Ho, T.H.
Ho, T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
119-Mar-2015A Bayesian Level-k Model in n-Person GamesTeck-Hua Ho ; So-Eun Park; Xuanming Su
22013A dynamic level-K model in sequential gamesHo, T.-H. ; Su, X.
3Jan-2003A parsimonious model of stock-keeping unit choiceChong, Juin-Kuan ; Ho, Teck-Hua 
429-May-2022Assessing the impact of novelty and conformity on hesitancy towards COVID-19 vaccines using mRNA technologyChing Leong; Lawrence Jin ; Dayoung Kim; Jeongbin Kim ; Yik Ying Teo ; Teck-Hua Ho 
528-Jun-2021Cash Incentives for Weight Loss Work Only for MalesCatherine Yeung ; Teck-Hua Ho ; Ryoko Sato ; Noah Lim ; Rob M. Van Dam ; Hong-Chang Tan ; Kwang-Wei Tham ; Rehan Ali 
65-Oct-2017Causal Inference Models in Operations ManagementHO TECK HUA ; Noah Lim ; Sadat Reza ; Xiaoyu Xia 
72012Customer influence value and purchase acceleration in new product diffusionHo, T. ; Li, S.; Park, S.; Shen, Z.M.
9Feb-2014Distributional and peer-induced fairness in supply chain contract designHo, T.-H. ; Su, X.; Wu, Y. 
1018-Mar-2016Evaluating replicability of laboratory experiments in economicsHO TECK HUA ; Colin F. Camerer ; Anna Dreber; Eskil Forsell; Jürgen Huber; Magnus Johannesson; Michael Kirchler; Johan Almenberg; Adam Altmejd; Taizan Chan ; Emma Heikensten; Felix Holzmeister; Taisuke Imai; Siri Isaksson; Gideon Nave; Thomas Pfeiffer; Michael Razen; Hang Wu 
1118-Aug-2018Evaluating the replicability of social science experiments in Nature and Science between 2010 and 2015HO TECK HUA ; Colin F. Camerer ; Anna Dreber; Felix Holzmeister; Magnus Johannesson; Michael Kirchler; Gideon Nave; Brian A. Nosek; Thomas Pfeiffer; Adam Altmejd; Nick Buttrick; Taizan Chan ; Yiling Chen ; Eskil Forsell; Anup Gampa; Emma Heikensten; Lily Hummer; Taisuke Imai; Siri Isaksson; Dylan Manfredi; Julia Rose; Eric-Jan Wagenmakers; Hang Wu ; Jürgen Huber
121989Group decision support systems. The cultural factorHo, T.H. ; Raman, K.S. ; Watson, Richard T.
1323-Nov-2016How Monitoring Influences Trust: A Tale of Two FacesHO TECK HUA ; Maurice E. Schweitzer; Xing Zhang
1430-Jun-2020R2-B2: Recursive Reasoning-Based Bayesian Optimization for No-Regret Learning in GamesZHONGXIANG DAI ; Yizhou Chen; Bryan Kian Hsiang Low; Patrick Jaillet; HO TECK HUA 
151-Sep-2017Redefine Statistical SignificanceHO TECK HUA ; Daniel J. Benjamin; James O. Berger; Magnus Johannesson; Brian A. Nosek; E.-J. Wagenmakers; Richard Berk; Kenneth A. Bollen; Björn Brembs; Lawrence Brown; Colin Camerer; David Cesarini; Christopher D. Chambers; Merlise Clyde; Thomas D. Cook; Paul De Boeck; Zoltan Dienes; Anna Dreber; Kenny Easwaran; Charles Efferson; Ernst Fehr; Fiona Fidler; Andy P. Field; Malcolm Forster; Edward I. George; Richard Gonzalez; Steven Goodman; Edwin Green; Donald P. Green; Anthony G. Greenwald; Jarrod D. Hadfield; Larry V. Hedges; Leonhard Held; Herbert Hoijtink; Daniel J. Hruschka; Kosuke Imai; Guido Imbens; John P. A. Ioannidis; Minjeong Jeon; James Holland Jones; Michael Kirchler; David Laibson; John List; Roderick Little; Arthur Lupia; Edouard Machery; Scott E. Maxwell; Michael McCarthy; Don A. Moore; Stephen L. Morgan; Marcus Munafo; Shinichi Nakagawa; Brendan Nyhan; Timothy H. Parker; Luis Pericchi; Marco Perugini; Jeff Rouder; Judith Rousseau; Victoria Savalei; Felix D. Schönbrodt; Thomas Sellke; Betsy Sinclair; Dustin Tingley; Trisha Van Zandt; Simine Vazire; Duncan J. Watts; Christopher Winship; Robert L. Wolpert; Yu Xie; Cristobal Young; Jonathan Zinman; Valen E. Johnson
169-Jul-2020Success at scale: six suggestions from implementation and policy sciencesHO TECK HUA ; CHING LEONG; CATHERINE YEUNG
17Apr-2018Sunk Cost Fallacy in Driving the World’s Costliest CarsHO TECK HUA ; Png Paak Liang Ivan ; SADAT REZA 
18Sep-1991The effect of GDSS and elected leadership on small group meetingsHo, T.H. ; Raman, K.S. 
1915-May-2020Unmasking the Actual COVID-19 Case CountHO TECK HUA ; Samuel Kou ; Shihao Yang; Chia-Jung Chang ; Lisa Graver
2018-Mar-2017Yellow taxis have fewer accidents than blue taxis because yellow is more visible than blueHO TECK HUA ; Juin Kuan Chong ; Xiaoyu Xu