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Anjam Khursheed
Khursheed, Anjam
Khursheed, A.
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1Jul-2011A high signal-to-noise ratio toroidal electron spectrometer for the SEMHoang, H.Q. ; Osterberg, M. ; Khursheed, A. 
22018A high-brightness large-diameter graphene coated point cathode field emission electron sourceShao, X ; Srinivasan, A ; Ang, W.K ; Khursheed, A 
32001A high-resolution add-on in-lens attachment for scanning electron microscopesKhursheed, A. ; Karuppiah, N. ; Koh, S.H.
4Aug-2002A high-resolution mixed field immersion lens attachment for conventional scanning electron microscopesKhursheed, A. ; Karuppiah, N. 
52002A low voltage time of flight electron emission microscopeKhursheed, A. 
6Jul-2005A method of dynamic chromatic aberration correction in low-voltage scanning electron microscopesKhursheed, A. 
7Mar-2009A multi-beam ion/electron spectra-microscope designKhursheed, A. 
821-Jul-2011A parallel magnetic sector mass analyzer designCheong, K.H.; Khursheed, A. 
9Mar-1998A portable scanning electron microscope column design based on the use of permanent magnetsKhursheed, A. ; Phang, J.C. ; Thong, J.T.L. 
1011-Apr-2011A radial mirror analyzer for scanning electron/ion microscopesHoang, H.Q. ; Khursheed, A. 
112018A Review Paper on "Graphene field emission for electron microscopy"Shao, X ; Khursheed, A 
12Dec-2008A second-order focusing electrostatic toroidal electron spectrometer with 2π radian collectionKhursheed, A. ; Hoang, H.Q. 
13Nov-2004A spectroscopic scanning electron microscope designKhursheed, A. ; Osterberg, M. 
142006A spectroscopic SEM: First resultsOsterberg, M. ; Khursheed, A. 
15Jan-2012A wide-range Parallel Radial Mirror Analyzer for scanning electron/ion microscopesKhursheed, A. ; Hoang, H.Q. ; Srinivasan, A.
16Dec-2002Aberration characteristics of immersion lenses for LVSEMKhursheed, A. 
171999Accurate ray tracing through finite element solved potential distributions in charged particle opticsAiming, Zhu; Khursheed, A. 
182002Add-on lens attachments for the scanning electron microscopeKhursheed, A. 
19Jan-2003Add-on transmission attachments for the scanning electron microscopeKhursheed, A. ; Karuppiah, N. ; Osterberg, M. ; Thong, J.T.L. 
20Mar-2001An add-on secondary electron energy spectrometer for scanning electron microscopesKhursheed, A. ; Karuppiah, N.