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Akash Kumar
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Kumar, Akash
Akash, K.
Kumar, A.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A design flow for partially reconfigurable heterogeneous multi-processor platformsLi, J.; Das, A.; Kumar, A. 
22011A design space exploration methodology for application specific MPSoC designSingh, A.K.; Kumar, A. ; Srikanthan, T.
32013A directional coarse-grained power gated FPGA switch box and power gating aware routing algorithmHoo, C.H.; Ha, Y. ; Kumar, A. 
42011A hybrid strategy for mapping multiple throughput-constrained applications on MPSoCsSingh, A.K.; Kumar, A. ; Srikanthan, T.
52010A predictable communication assistShabbir, A.; Stuijk, S.; Kumar, A. ; Theelen, B.; Mesman, B.; Corporaal, H.
62007A probabilistic approach to model resource contention for performance estimation of multi-featured media devicesKumar, A. ; Mesman, B.; Corporaal, H.; Theelen, B.; Ha, Y. 
7Dec-2012Accelerating throughput-aware runtime mapping for heterogeneous MPSoCsSingh, A.K.; Kumar, A. ; Srikanthan, T.
82012Acceleration of distance-to-default with hardware-software co-designAllugundu, I.; Puranik, P.; Lo, Y.P.; Kumar, A. 
92013Aging-aware hardware-software task partitioning for reliable reconfigurable multiprocessor systemsDas, A.; Kumar, A. ; Veeravalli, B. 
102010An area-efficient dynamically reconfigurable spatial division multiplexing Network-on-Chip with static throughput guaranteeYang, Z.J.; Kumar, A. ; Ha, Y. 
112012An area-efficient partially reconfigurable crossbar switch with low reconfiguration delayHoo, C.H.; Kumar, A. 
122011An MPSoC design approach for multiple use-cases of throughput constrainted applicationsShabbir, A.; Stuijk, S.; Kumar, A. ; Corporaal, H.; Mesman, B.
13Mar-2008Analyzing composability of applications on MPSoC platformsKumar, A. ; Mesman, B.; Theelen, B.; Corporaal, H.; Ha, Y. 
142015Autonomous soft-error tolerance of FPGA configuration bitsDas, Anup; Venkataraman, Shyamsundar ; Kumar, Akash 
152011Bringing soccer to the field of real-time embedded systems educationKumar, A. ; Fernando, S.; Manoharan, M.
16Jul-2010CA-MPSoC: An automated design flow for predictable multi-processor architectures for multiple applicationsShabbir, A.; Kumar, A. ; Stuijk, S.; Mesman, B.; Corporaal, H.
172013CADSE: Communication aware design space exploration for efficient run-time MPSoC managementSingh, A.K.; Kumar, A. ; Wu, J.; Srikanthan, T.
182014Combined DVFS and mapping exploration for lifetime and soft-error susceptibility improvement in MPSoCsDas, A.; Kumar, A. ; Veeravalli, B.; Bolchini, C.; Miele, A.
192013Communication and migration energy aware design space exploration for multicore systems with intermittent faultsDas, A.; Kumar, A. ; Veeravalli, B. 
202014Communication and migration energy aware task mapping for reliable multiprocessor systemsDas, A.; Kumar, A. ; Veeravalli, B.