Full Name
Yeo Kwee Poo
Yeo, K.
Kwee, P.Y.
Poo, Y.K.
Yeo, K.P.
Yeo, K.-P.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2002A least-squares approach to analyzing life-stress relationship in step-stress accelerated life testsTeng, S.-L.; Yeo, K.-P. 
21-Apr-2020Age-related bone loss is associated with FGF21 but not IGFBP1 in healthy adultsLee, SY; Fam, KD; Chia, KL; Yap, MMC; Goh, J; Yeo, KP ; Yap, EPH ; Chotirmall, SH; Lim, CL 
3May-2005Clinical pharmacokinetics of alamifovir and its metabolitesChan, C.; Abu-Raddad, E.; Golor, G.; Watanabe, H.; Sasaki, A.; Yeo, K.P. ; Soon, D.; Sinha, V.P.; Flanagan, S.D.; He, M.M.; Wise, S.D.
4Mar-2007Duloxetine pharmacokinetics are similar in Japanese and Caucasian subjectsChan, C.; Yeo, K.P. ; Pan, A.X.; Lim, M.; Knadler, M.P.; Small, D.S.
5May-2004Effect of duloxetine on tolterodine pharmacokinetics in healthy volunteersHua, T.C.; Pan, A.; Chan, C.; Poo, Y.K. ; Skinner, M.H.; Knadler, M.P.; Gonzales, C.R.; Wise, S.D.
62006Effects of chronic renal failure on the pharmacokinetics of ruboxistaurin and its active metabolite 338522Wise, S.; Yuen, E.; Chan, C.; Yeo, K.P. ; Teng, L.; Lau, T.; Voelker, J.
7Jul-2005Hemodynamic effects of acute administration of atomoxetine and methylphenidateKelly, R.P.; Yeo, K.P. ; Teng, C.-H.; Smith, B.P.; Lowe, S. ; Soon, D.; Read, H.A.; Wise, S.D.
8Mar-2005Insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1 is independently affected by ethnicity, insulin sensitivity, and leptin in healthy, glucose-tolerant young menLiew, C.F.; Wise, S.D.; Yeo, K.P. ; Lee, K.O.
91-Jul-2003Lean, nondiabetic Asian Indians have decreased insulin sensitivity and insulin clearance, and raised leptin compared to Caucasians and Chinese subjectsLiew, C.-F.; Seah, E.-S.; Yeo, K.-P. ; Lee, K.-O.; Wise, S.D.
101-Aug-2003Olanzapine pharmacokinetics are similar in Chinese and Caucasian subjectsSathirakul, K.; Chan, C.; Teng, L.; Bergstrom, R.F.; Yeo, K.P. ; Wise, S.D.
112007Pharmacokinetics and tolerability of duloxetine following oral administration to healthy Chinese subjectsTianmei, S.; Knadler, M.P.; Lim, M.T.; Kwee, P.Y. ; Teng, L.; Liang, S.; Pan, A.X.; Lobo, E.D.
12Feb-2006Pharmacokinetics of ruboxistaurin are significantly altered by rifampicin-mediated CYP3A4 inductionYeo, K.P. ; Lowe, S.L. ; Lim, M.T.; Voelker, J.R.; Burkey, J.L.; Wise, S.D.
131999Planning step-stress life-test with a target acceleration-factorYeo, K.-P. ; Tang, L.-C. 
14Nov-2004Safety and efficacy of alamifovir in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infectionSoon, D.K.W.; Lowe, S.L. ; Teng, C.H.; Yeo, K.P. ; McGill, J.; Wise, S.D.
15May-2006Smoking enhances absorption of insulin but reduces glucodynamic effects in individuals using the Lilly-Dura inhaled insulin systemWise, S.; Chien, J.; Yeo, K. ; Richardson, C.