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12004ω-3 fatty acids and selenium as coronary heart disease risk modifying factors in Asian Indian and Chinese malesManav, M.; Su, J.; Hughes, K. ; Lee, H.P. ; Ong, C.N. 
2Dec-2004δ-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALAD) polymorphism and susceptibility of workers exposed to inorganic lead and its effects on neurobehavioral functionsChia, S.-E. ; Yap, E. ; Chia, K.-S. 
32003β-phenylethyl isothiocyanate-mediated apoptosis in hepatoma HepG2 cellsRose, P. ; Ong, C.N. ; Whiteman, M. ; Huang, S.H. ; Halliwell, B. 
42005β-Phenylethyl isothiocyanate mediated apoptosis; Contribution of Bax and the mitochondrial death pathwayRose, P. ; Armstrong, J.S. ; Chua, Y.L.; Whiteman, M. ; Ong, C.N. 
52005β-phenylethyl isothiocyanate mediated apoptosis: A proteomic investigation of early apoptotic protein changesNeo, J.C.H.; Rose, P. ; Chung, M.C.M. ; Ong, C.N. 
62006Zinc supplementation decreases the development of atherosclerosis in rabbitsRen, M. ; Rajendran, R.; Watt, F. ; Ning, P.; Jenner, A. ; Halliwell, B. ; Tan, Kwong Huat B. ; Choon, Nam O. 
73-Jun-2013Younger adult type 2 diabetic patients have poorer glycaemic control: A cross-sectional study in a primary care setting in SingaporeQuah, J.H.M.; Liu, Y.P.; Luo, N. ; How, C.H.; Tay, E.G.
82016"you have to keep fighting": Maintaining healthcare services and professionalism on the frontline of austerity in GreeceKerasidou A.; Kingori P.; Legido-Quigley H. 
92009XRCC1 gene polymorphisms and breast cancer risk in different populations: A meta-analysisLi, H.; Ha, T.C. ; Tai, B.C. 
10Jan-2012Worldwide prevalence and risk factors for myopiaPan, C.-W.; Ramamurthy, D. ; Saw, S.-M. 
11Feb-2004World at work: the electronics industry.Koh, D. ; CHAN CHUNG TSING GREGORY ; Yap, E. 
121988Working and health conditions of accident free and accident repeater taxi drivers in SingaporeKoh, D. ; Ong, C. ; Phoon, W.O.
13Dec-2006Workgroup report: Public health strategies for reducing aflatoxin exposure in developing countriesStrosnider, H.; Azziz-Baumgartner, E.; Banziger, M.; Bhat, R.V.; Breiman, R.; Brune, M.-N.; DeCock, K.; Dilley, A.; Groopman, J.; Hell, K.; Henry, S.H.; Jeffers, D.; Jolly, C.; Jolly, P.; Kibata, G.N.; Lewis, L.; Liu, X.; Luber, G.; McCoy, L.; Mensah, P.; Miraglia, M.; Misore, A.; Njapau, H.; Ong, C.-N. ; Onsongo, M.T.K.; Page, S.W.; Park, D.; Patel, M.; Phillips, T.; Pineiro, M.; Pronczuk, J.; Rogers, H.S.; Rubin, C.; Sabino, M.; Schaafsma, A.; Shephard, G.; Stroka, J.; Wild, C.; Williams, J.T.; Wilson, D.
14Aug-2011Work-related quality of life scale among Singaporean nursesZeng, X.; Chaiear, N.; Klainin, P.; Khiewyoo, J.; Koh, D. ; Hien, P.W.H.; Lee, S.Y.
15Oct-2005Women's occupational healthKoh, D. ; Wong, M.-L. 
162016Winner's Curse Correction and Variable Thresholding Improve Performance of Polygenic Risk Modeling Based on Genome-Wide Association Study Summary-Level DataShi J.; Park J.-H.; Duan J.; Berndt S.T.; Moy W.; Yu K.; Song L.; Wheeler W.; Hua X.; Silverman D.; Garcia-Closas M.; Hsiung C.A.; Figueroa J.D.; Cortessis V.K.; Malats N.; Karagas M.R.; Vineis P.; Chang I.-S.; Lin D.; Zhou B.; Seow A. ; Matsuo K.; Hong Y.-C.; Caporaso N.E.; Wolpin B.; Jacobs E.; Petersen G.M.; Klein A.P.; Li D.; Risch H.; Sanders A.R.; Hsu L.; Schoen R.E.; Brenner H.; MGS (Molecular Genetics of Schizophrenia) GWAS Consortium; GECCO (The Genetics and Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Consortium); The GAME-ON/TRICL (Transdisciplinary Research in Cancer of the Lung) GWAS Consortium; PRACTICAL (PRostate cancer AssoCiation group To Investigate Cancer Associated aLterations) Consortium; PanScan Consortium; The GAME-ON/ELLIPSE Consortium; Stolzenberg-Solomon R.; Gejman P.; Lan Q.; Rothman N.; Amundadottir L.T.; Landi M.T.; Levinson D.F.; Chanock S.J.; Chatterjee N.
172013Willingness-to-pay and preferences for warfarin pharmacogenetic testing in Chinese warfarin patients and the Chinese general publicChan, S.L.; Wen Low, J.J.; Lim, Y.W.; Finkelstein, E.; Farooqui, M.A.; Chia, K.S. ; Wee, H.L. 
182004Willingness to donate blood samples for genetic research: A survey from a community in SingaporeWong, M.L. ; Chia, K.S. ; Yam, W.M.; Teodoro, G.R.; Lau, K.W.
19Jan-2011Why family caregivers choose to institutionalize a loved one with dementia: A singapore perspectiveTew, C.W.; Tan, L.F.; Luo, N. ; Ng, W.Y. ; Yap, P.
202016Whole-genome sequencing analysis of serially isolated multi-drug and extensively drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Thai patientsFaksri K.; Tan J.H.; Disratthakit A.; Xia E.; Prammananan T.; Suriyaphol P.; Khor C.C. ; Teo Y.-Y. ; Ong R.T.-H.; Chaiprasert A.