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12015Wide-area collaboration in the aftermath of the March 11 disasters in Japan: Implications for responsible disaster managementAoki, N. 
227-Jun-2018Why contracts fail: a game theoretic approach to managing urban waterChing Leong ; Neng Qian 
32009Who governs energy? The challenges facing global energy governanceFlorini, A. ; Sovacool, B.K. 
4Nov-2013Whither multiculturalism? Global identities at a cross-roadsLeong, C.-H. ; Liu, J.H.
52007What influences government adoption of vaccines in developing countries? A policy process analysisMunira, S.L.; Fritzen, S.A. 
6Nov-2011"What do you think should be the two or three highest priority political outcomes of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), scheduled for Rio de Janeiro in June 2012?"Vanpeperstraete, B.; Duyck, S.; Bhandari, M.P.; Brizga, J.; Rijnhout, L.; Lorek, S.; Castro, A.P.; Chang, C.T.; Daly, H.; Didham, R.J.; Ferraro, G.; Greenfield, O.; Khosla, A.; von Weizs├Ącker, E.U.; Lode, B.; Miles, S.; Pacini, H.; Silveira, S.; Perch, L.; Rijnsburger, J.; Sanwal, M.; Savarala, S.; Jacob Scherr, S.; Seetharam, K.E. ; Adeeb, A.M.M. ; Shepherd, D.; Smith, A.; Ulatowska, L.; Vincent, A.; John, W.
7Jun-2014What determines the goals of healthcare financing in SingaporeAlisha Gill 
815-Sep-2015Weaving the Fabric of Public Policies: Comparing and Integrating Contemporary Frameworks for the Study of Policy ProcessesMichael Howlett ; Allan McConnell; Anthony Perl
92013Water resource development on the Ganges: Moving beyond ambiguityWhittington, D.; Wu, X. 
1011-Dec-2018Varieties of Collaboration in Public Service DeliveryAnka Kekez; Michael Howlett ; M Ramesh 
1126-Sep-2018Urban Water Security Dashboard: Systems Approach to Characterizing the Water Security of CitiesKees C.H. van Ginkel; Arjen Y. Hoekstra; Joost Buurman ; Rick J. Hogeboom
123-Feb-2018Unpacking the "political-institutional complex": The role of physical and institutional infrastructures in Indonesia's decentralization reformYee, Wai-Hang ; Li, Hui 
1315-Apr-2021Unpacking Policy Portfolios: Primary and Secondary Aspects of Tool Use in Policy MixesAzad Singh Bali ; Michael Howlett ; M. Ramesh 
14Feb-2014Understanding the pre-conditions of commons governance: The role of network managementGiest, S.; Howlett, M. 
152009Understanding India's regional initiatives with East and Southeast AsiaChanda, R.; Gopalan, S. 
162017Understanding coastal processes to assist with coastal erosion management in Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, AustraliaTonyes, S.G; Wasson, R.J ; Munksgaard, N.C; Evans, K.G; Brinkman, R; Williams, D.K
1724-Jan-2017Understanding co-production as a policy tool: integrating new public governance and comparative policy theoryMichael Howlett ; Anka Kekez; Ora Poocharoen
1825-Jun-2019Uncovering the Aspirations to Be a Leading Local Government: A Content Analysis ApproachNaomi Aoki 
1910-Feb-2020Two-photon Excitable Photosensitizers with Aggregation-induced Emission and Their Biomedical ApplicationsWu, Wenbo ; Liu, Bin 
202010Twelve metropolitan carbon footprints: A preliminary comparative global assessmentSovacool, B.K. ; Brown, M.A.