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Cathleen Teh


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17-Dec-2016A Porphyrin-Based Conjugated Polymer for Highly Efficient In Vitro and In Vivo Photothermal TherapyGUO, BING ; FENG, GUANGXUE ; MANGHNANI, PURNIMA NARESH; CAI, XIAOLEI ; LIU, JIE ; WU, WENBO ; XU, SHIDANG ; CHENG, XIAMIN ; TEH, CATHLEEN ; LIU, BIN 
22017Binding of canonical Wnt ligands to their receptor complexes occurs in ordered plasma membrane environmentsSezgin, E; Azbazdar, Y; Ng, X.W; Teh, C ; Simons, K; Weidinger, G; Wohland, T ; Eggeling, C; Ozhan, G
331-May-2021Cancer-Cell-Activated in situ Synthesis of Mitochondria-Targeting AIE Photosensitizer for Precise Photodynamic TherapyWang, Yuanbo ; Xu, Shidang ; Shi, Leilei; Teh, Cathleen ; Qi, Guobin ; Liu, Bin 
426-Jul-2016The Secreted Signaling Protein Wnt3 Is Associated with Membrane Domains In Vivo: A SPIM-FCS StudyNg, Xue Wen; Teh, Cathleen ; Korzh, Vladimir ; Wohland, Thorsten 
52018Visualizing Photodynamic Therapy in Transgenic Zebrafish Using Organic Nanoparticles with Aggregation-Induced EmissionManghnani P.N.; Wu W. ; Xu S. ; Hu F. ; Teh C. ; Liu B. 
62020Wnt3 distribution in the zebrafish brain is determined by expression, diffusion and multiple molecular interactionsVeerapathiran, S.; Teh, C. ; Zhu, Shiwen; Kartigayen, I. ; Korzh, V.; Matsudaira, P.T. ; Wohland, T. 
726-May-2021Wnt3 Is Lipidated at Conserved Cysteine and Serine Residues in Zebrafish Neural TissueDhasmana, Divya; Veerapathiran, Sapthaswaran ; Azbazdar, Yagmur; Nelanuthala, Ashwin Venkata Subba; Teh, Cathleen ; Ozhan, Gunes; Wohland, Thorsten