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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2011A Study On Emigration Attitudes Of Young Singaporeans (2010)LEONG CHAN-HOONG ; Debbie Soon 
22014Are Guanxi-Type Supervisor-Subordinate Relationships Culture-General? An Eight-Nation Test of Measurement InvarianceSmith, P.B.; Wasti, S.A.; Grigoryan, L.; Achoui, M.; Bedford, O.; Budhwar, P.; Lebedeva, N.; Leong, C.H. ; Torres, C.
3Jan-2012Are indigenous approaches to achieving influence in business organizations distinctive? A comparative study of guanxi, wasta, jeitinho, svyazi and pulling stringsSmith, P.B.; Torres, C.; Leong, C.-H. ; Budhwar, P.; Achoui, M.; Lebedeva, N.
4Feb-2012Cross-cultural dimensions of meaning in the evaluation of events in world history?: Perceptions of historical calamities and progress in cross-cultural data from thirty societiesLiu, J.H.; Paez, D.; Hanke, K.; Rosa, A.; Hilton, D.J.; Sibley, C.G.; Cabecinhas, R.; Zaromb, F.; Garber, I.E.; Leong, C.-H. ; Moloney, G.; Valchev, V.; Gastardo-Conaco, C.; Huang, L.-L.; Quek, A.-H.; Techio, E.; Sen, R.; van Osch, Y.; Muluk, H.; Wagner, W.; Wang, F.; Khan, S.S.; Licata, L.; Klein, O.; László, J.; Fülöp, M.; Cheung, J.C.-k.; Yue, X.; Youssef, S.B.; Kim, U.; Park, Y.; Puch-Bouwman, J.; Hassall, K.; Adair, J.; Unik, L.; Spini, D.; Henchoz, K.; Böhm, G.; Selart, M.; Erb, H.-P.; Thoben, D.F.; Leone, G.; Mastrovito, T.; Atsumi, T.; Suwa, K.-i.
52015Heroes and villains of world history across culturesHanke, Katja; Liu, James; Sibley, Chris G.; Páez, Darío R.; Gaines, Stanley O.; Moloney, Gail; Leong Chan Hoong ; Wagner, Wolfgang Rainer; Licata, Laurent; Klein, Olivier; Garber, Ilya E.; Böhm, Gisela; Hilton, Denis J.; Valchev, Velichko H.; Khan, Sammyh S.; Cabecinhas, Rosa
6Feb-2013Immigration issues, challenges and policy: A view from New ZealandWard, C.; Tabor, A.; Leong, C.-H. 
72015IPS Study on Perceptions of Singapore’s historyLeong Chan Hoong 
8May-2018Makan Index 2017: An Indicator For Cost Of Eating Out In SingaporeGOH ZHANG HAO ; LEONG CHAN-HOONG ; VARIAN LIM AIK MENG 
919-Oct-2018Makan Index 2017: An Indicator For Cost Of Eating Out In SingaporeGoh Zhang Hao ; Leong Chan Hoong ; Varian Lim Aik Meng 
10Nov-2013Multiculturalism in Malaysia and Singapore: Contesting modelsNoor, N.M.; Leong, C.-H. 
11Sep-2007Predictive validity of the Multicultural Personality Questionnaire: A longitudinal study on the socio-psychological adaptation of Asian undergraduates who took part in a study-abroad programLeong, C.-H. 
122014Social markers of acculturation: A new research framework on intercultural adaptationLeong, C.-H. 
13Feb-2016Study on the perceptions of Singapore's historyLeong Chan-Hoong ; Magdalene Choo ; Elaine Ho ; Varian Lim ; Paveena Seah ; Yang Wai Wai
1418-Nov-2016The Makan Index - Investigating Differences in Cost of Living between NeighbourhoodsLeong Chan-Hoong 
152016The Makan Index – A Survey of Hawker Food PricesLeong Chan Hoong 
16Feb-2013The socio-psychological profile of prospective emigrants: Singaporeans leaving SingaporeLeong, C.-H. 
171-Jan-2020The State of Ethnic Congregation in Singapore TodayLeong, CH ; Teng, E ; Ko, WW
18Nov-2013Whither multiculturalism? Global identities at a cross-roadsLeong, C.-H. ; Liu, J.H.