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Peter George Manning
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018A knowledge, attitude, and practice survey on mediation among clinicians in a tertiary-care hospital in SingaporeLin W.; Ling Z.J.; Liu S.; Beng Lee J.T.; Lim M.; Goh A.; Lim S.; Manning P.G. ; Feng M. ; Loh T.P. 
22016Allostasis in health and food addictionDe Ridder, D; Manning, P ; Leong, S.L; Ross, S; Vanneste, S
32014Cardiovascular microRNAs: As modulators and diagnostic biomarkers of diabetic heart diseaseRawal, S; Manning, P ; Katare, R
42004Effect of high-dose vitamin E on insulin resistance and associated parameters in overweight subjectsManning, P.J ; Sutherland, W.H.F; Walker, R.J; Williams, S.M; De Jong, S.A; Ryalls, A.R; Berry, E.A
52013Frequency and genetic spectrum of maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY) in southern New ZealandWheeler, B.J; Patterson, N; Love, D.R; Prosser, D; Tomlinson, P; Taylor, B.J; Manning, P 
62011Impact of metabolic syndrome and its components on cardiovascular disease event rates in 4900 patients with type 2 diabetes assigned to placebo in the field randomised trialScott, R; Donoghoe, M; Watts, G.F; O'Brien, R; Pardy, C; Taskinen, M.-R; Davis, T.M.E; Colman, P.G; Manning, P ; Fulcher, G; Keech, A.C
72016Iodine supplementation of mildly iodine-deficient adults lowers thyroglobulin: A randomized controlled trialMa, Z.F; Venn, B.J; Manning, P.J ; Cameron, C.M; Skeaff, S.A
82013Oral but Not Intravenous Glucose Acutely Decreases Circulating Interleukin-6 Concentrations in Overweight IndividualsManning P.J. ; Sutherland W.H.F.; Williams S.M.; de Jong S.A.; Hendry G.P.
92011Prevalence of symptoms of severe asthma and allergies in irish school children: An ISAAC protocol study, 1995-2007Kabir, Z; Manning, P.J ; Holohan, J; Goodman, P.G; Clancy, L
102017Resting heart rate variability and exercise capacity in Type 1 diabetesWilson, L.C; Peebles, K.C; Hoye, N.A; Manning, P ; Sheat, C; Williams, M.J.A; Wilkins, G.T; Wilson, G.A; Baldi, J.C
112016The brain, obesity and addiction: An EEG neuroimaging studyDe Ridder, D; Manning, P ; Leong, S.L; Ross, S; Sutherland, W; Horwath, C; Vanneste, S