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Monteiro A
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12012A Single Origin for Nymphalid Butterfly Eyespots Followed by Widespread Loss of Associated Gene ExpressionOliver J.C.; Tong X.-L.; Gall L.F.; Piel W.H. ; Monteiro A. 
22018Apterous a specifies dorsal wing patterns and sexual traits in butterfliesPrakash, A ; Monteiro, A 
32016Attack risk for butterflies changes with eyespot number and sizeHo S.; Schachat S.R.; Piel W.H. ; Monteiro A. 
42020Cell dissociation from butterfly pupal wing tissues for single-cell RNA sequencingPrakash, A.; Monteiro, A. 
52006Comparative genomics and evolution of the HSP90 family of genes across all kingdoms of organismsChen B.; Zhong D.; Monteiro A. 
62006Comparative insights into questions of lepidopteran wing pattern homologyMonteiro A. ; Glaser G.; Stockslager S.; Glansdorp N.; Ramos D.
72018Crispr-cas9 mediated genome editing in bicyclus anynana butterfliesBanerjee, T.D. ; Monteiro, A. 
831-Aug-2018Data from: Attack risk for butterflies changes with eyespot number and sizeSebastian Ho; Sandra R. Schachat; William H. Piel ; Antonia Monteiro 
92015Differential Expression of Ecdysone Receptor Leads to Variation in Phenotypic Plasticity across Serial HomologsMonteiro A. ; Tong X.; Bear A.; Liew S.F.; Bhardwaj S.; Wasik B.R.; Dinwiddie A.; Bastianelli C.; Cheong W.F. ; Wenk M.R. ; Cao H.; Prudic K.L.
102012Differential Involvement of Hedgehog Signaling in Butterfly Wing and Eyespot DevelopmentTong X.; Lindemann A.; Monteiro A. 
112020Dissection of larval and pupal wings of bicyclus anynana butterfliesBanerjee, T.D.; Monteiro, A. 
122-Jan-2020Early-exposure to new sex pheromone blends alters mate preference in female butterflies and in their offspringDion, E. ; Pui, L.X.; Weber, K.; Monteiro, A. 
132013Evolutionary Biology for the 21st CenturyLosos J.B.; Arnold S.J.; Bejerano G.; Brodie III E.D.; Hibbett D.; Hoekstra H.E.; Mindell D.P.; Monteiro A. ; Moritz C.; Orr H.A.; Petrov D.A.; Renner S.S.; Ricklefs R.E.; Soltis P.S.; Turner T.L.
141-Aug-2018Experimental field tests of Batesian mimicry in the swallowtail butterfly Papilio polytesPalmer, Daniela H; Tan, Yue Qian ; Finkbeiner, Susan D; Briscoe, Adriana D; Monteiro, Antonia ; Kronforst, Marcus R
152014Eyespots deflect predator attack increasing fitness and promoting the evolution of phenotypic plasticityPrudic, K.L; Stoehr, A.M; Wasik, B.R; Monteiro, A 
1623-Oct-2018Haze smoke impacts survival and development of butterfliesTan, Yue Qian ; Dion, Emilie ; Monteiro, Antonia 
172019Interacting Effects of Eyespot Number and Ultraviolet Reflectivity on Predation Risk in Bicyclus anynana (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae)Chan, I.Z.W. ; Rafi, F.Z.; Monteiro, A. 
182019Male bicyclus anynana butterflies choose females on the basis of their ventral UV-reflective eyespot centersHuq, M.; Bhardwaj, S.; Monteiro, A. 
192013Male Courtship Rate Plasticity in the Butterfly Bicyclus anynana Is Controlled by Temperature Experienced during the Pupal and Adult StagesBear A.; Monteiro A. 
202018Melanin Pathway Genes Regulate Color and Morphology of Butterfly Wing ScalesMatsuoka Y. ; Monteiro A.