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Piel, William Halliday
Piel, William H.
Piel, W. H.
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12012A Single Origin for Nymphalid Butterfly Eyespots Followed by Widespread Loss of Associated Gene ExpressionOliver J.C.; Tong X.-L.; Gall L.F.; Piel W.H. ; Monteiro A. 
22016Attack risk for butterflies changes with eyespot number and sizeHo S.; Schachat S.R.; Piel W.H. ; Monteiro A. 
32014Current advances in molecular phylogeneticsLyubetsky V.; Piel W.H. ; Quandt D.
42015Molecular Phylogenetics 2014Lyubetsky V.; Piel W.H. ; Stadler P.F.
52016Molecular Phylogenetics 2016Lyubetsky, V; Piel, W.H ; Stadler, P.F
62020Predation on the gecko phyllodactylus gerrhopygus (Wiegmann) (squamata: Gekkonidae) by the six-eyed sand spider sicarius thomisoides (walckenaer) (araneae: Sicariidae) [Depredación sobre el geco phyllodactylus gerrhopygus (Wiegmann) (squamata: gekkonidae) por la araña de arena de seis ojos sicarius thomisoides (walckenaer) (araneae: sicariidae)]Taucare-Rios, A.; Piel, W.H. 
72007The 2006 NESCent phyloinformatics hackathon: A field reportLapp H.; Bala S.; Balhoff J.P.; Bouck A.; Goto N.; Holder M.; Holland R.; Holloway A.; Katayama T.; Lewis P.O.; Mackey A.J.; Osborne B.I.; Piel W.H. ; Pond S.L.K.; Poon A.F.Y.; Qiu W.-G.; Stajich J.E.; Stoltzfus A.; Thierer T.; Vilella A.J.; Vos R.A.; Zmasek C.M.; Zwickl D.J.; Vision T.J.
82013The taxonomic name resolution service: An online tool for automated standardization of plant namesBoyle B.; Hopkins N.; Lu Z.; Raygoza Garay J.A.; Mozzherin D.; Rees T.; Matasci N.; Narro M.L.; Piel W.H. ; Mckay S.J.; Lowry S.; Freeland C.; Peet R.K.; Enquist B.J.