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Timothy Edward Saunders
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Saunders T.E.
Saunders, Timothy E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-May-2019Activation of butterfly eyespots by Distal-less is consistent with a reaction-diffusion processConnahs, Heidi ; Tlili, Sham ; van Creij, Jelle; Loo, Tricia YJ; Das Banerjee, Tirtha ; Saunders, Timothy E ; Monteiro, Antonia 
22015Aggregation-fragmentation model of robust concentration gradient formationSaunders T.E. 
32018Bicoid gradient formation mechanism and dynamics revealed by protein lifetime analysisDurrieu, L; Kirrmaier, D; Schneidt, T; Kats, I; Raghavan, S; Hufnagel, L; Saunders, T.E ; Knop, M
42014Cortical regulation of cell size by a sizer cdr2pPan, K.Z; Saunders, T.E ; Flor-Parra, I; Howard, M; Chang, F
52017Coupling optogenetics and light-sheet microscopy, a method to study Wnt signaling during embryogenesisKaur, P ; Saunders, T.E ; Tolwinski, N.S 
62017Decoding temporal interpretation of the morphogen bicoid in the early drosophila embryoHuang, A ; Amourda, C ; Zhang, S ; Tolwinski, N.S ; Saunders, T.E 
72018Eleven quick tips for running an interdisciplinary short course for new graduate studentsSaunders T.E. ; He C.Y. ; Koehl P.; Ong L.L.S.; So P.T.C.
82015Embryo-scale tissue mechanics during Drosophila gastrulation movementsRauzi, M; Krzic, U; Saunders, T.E ; Krajnc, M; Ziherl, P; Hufnagel, L; Leptin, M
92020embryonic geometry underlies phenotypic variation in decanalized conditionsHuang, A.; Rupprecht, J.-F. ; Saunders, T.E. 
101-Jun-2021Mechanical processes underlying precise and robust cell matchingZhang, Shaobo ; Saunders, Timothy 
112009Morphogen profiles can be optimized to buffer against noiseSaunders, T.E ; Howard, M
122019Open questions: How to get developmental biology into shape?Saunders, T.E. ; Ingham, P.W.
132015Spatiotemporal Analysis of Different Mechanisms for Interpreting Morphogen GradientsRichards, David M.; Saunders, Timothy E. 
148-Jul-2021Spatiotemporal sensitivity of mesoderm specification to FGFR signalling in the Drosophila embryoYadav, V; Tolwinski, N. ; Saunders, T. E. 
152014Subtle Changes in Motif Positioning Cause Tissue-Specific Effects on Robustness of an Enhancer's ActivityErceg J.; Saunders T.E. ; Girardot C.; Devos D.P.; Hufnagel L.; Furlong E.E.M.
162018Temporal development of Drosophila embryos is highly robust across a wide temperature rangeChong, J ; Amourda, C ; Saunders, T.E 
173-Feb-2020The mirtron miR-1010 functions in concert with its host gene SKIP to balance elevation of nAcRβ2Amourda, C. ; Saunders, T.E. 
181-Dec-2021The role of cellular active stresses in shaping the zebrafish body axisNarayanan, Rachna ; Mendieta-Serrano, Mario A. ; Saunders, Timothy E.