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Daiwen Yang
Yang, Daiwen
Yang, D.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-20131H, 15N and 13C backbone resonance assignments of the Kelch domain of mouse Keap1Cino, E.; Fan, J. ; Yang, D. ; Choy, W.-Y.
231-Aug-2005A general strategy for the assignment of aliphatic side-chain resonances of uniformly 13C, 15N-labeled large proteinsXu, Y. ; Lin, Z. ; Ho, C.; Yang, D. 
3Nov-2006A new strategy for structure determination of large proteins in solution without deuterationXu, Y. ; Zheng, Y. ; Fan, J.-S. ; Yang, D. 
410-Oct-2016A novel combinatorial strategy using Seliciclib (R) and Belinostat (R) for eradication of non-small cell lung cancer via apoptosis induction and BID activationOng, Pei-Shi ; Wang, Lingzhi ; Chia, Deborah Miao-Hui; Seah, Jolyn Yu-Xin; Kong, Li-Ren ; Thuya, Win-Lwin ; Chinnathambi, Arunachalam; Lau, Jie-Ying Amelia ; Wong, Andrea Li-Ann ; Yong, Wei-Peng ; Yang, Daiwen ; Ho, Paul Chi-Lui ; Sethi, Gautam ; Goh, Boon-Cher 
527-Feb-2008Accurately probing slow motions on millisecond timescales with a robust NMR relaxation experimentLong, D.; Liu, M.; Yang, D. 
619-Sep-2007An exchange-free measure of 15N transverse relaxation: An NMR spectroscopy application to the study of a folding intermediate with pervasive chemical exchangeHansen, D.F.; Yang, D. ; Feng, H.; Zhou, Z.; Wiesner, S.; Bai, Y.; Kay, L.E.
724-Feb-2014An off-pathway folding intermediate of an acyl carrier protein domain coexists with the folded and unfolded states under native conditionsLim, J.; Xiao, T.; Fan, J. ; Yang, D. 
829-Sep-2021Anti-fungal hevein-like peptides biosynthesized from quinoa cleavable hololectinsLoo, Shining; Tay, Stephanie, V; Kam, Antony; Tang, Fan; Fan, Jing-Song ; Yang, Daiwen ; Tam, James P.
915-Jul-2009Automated assignment in selectively methyl-labeled proteinsXu, Y.; Liu, M.; Simpson, P.J.; Isaacson, R.; Cota, E.; Marchant, J.; Yang, D. ; Zhang, X.; Freemont, P.; Matthews, S.
1018-Feb-2009Buffer interference with protein dynamics: A case study on human liver fatty acid binding proteinLong, D.; Yang, D. 
1125-Dec-2009Cell adhesion molecule DdCAD-1 is imported into contractile vacuoles by membrane invagination in a Ca2- and conformation-dependent mannerSriskanthadevan, S.; Lee, T.; Lin, Z. ; Yang, D. ; Siu, C.-H.
12Jan-2008Central neurocytoma: typical magnetic resonance spectroscopy findings and atypical ventricular disseminationYeh, I.B.; Xu, M.; Ng, W.H.; Ye, J.; Yang, D. ; Lim, C.C.T. 
13Jul-2006Characterization and expression of a cDNA encoding a tubuliform silk protein of the golden web spider Nephila antipodianaHuang, W. ; Lin, Z. ; Sin, Y.M. ; Li, D. ; Gong, Z. ; Yang, D. 
1419-May-2009Characterization of DLC1-SAM equilibrium unfolding at the amino acid residue levelYang, S.; Noble, C.G.; Yang, D. 
152016Coexistence of multiple minor states of fatty acid binding protein and their functional relevanceYu, B; Yang, D 
1625-Mar-2010Concentration-dependent aggregation of CHAPS investigated by NMR spectroscopyQin, X.; Liu, M.; Yang, D. ; Zhang, X.
17Oct-2005Cycloartane type triterpenoids from the rhizomes of Polygonum bistortaManoharan, K.P.; Benny, T.K.H.; Yang, D. 
18Apr-2007Electrocatalytic oxidation of guanine, guanosine, and guanosine monophosphateXie, H.; Yang, D. ; Heller, A.; Gao, Z.
1925-Feb-2013Engineered large spider eggcase silk protein for strong artificial fibersLin, Z. ; Deng, Q.; Liu, X.-Y. ; Yang, D. 
20Mar-2007Evaluation of Polygonum bistorta for anticancer potential using selected cancer cell linesManoharan, K.P.; Yang, D. ; Hsu, A.; Huat, B.T.K.