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12013A Nickel Ain't Worth a Dime Anymore: The Illusion of Money and the Rapid Encoding of Its True ValueYu R. ; Huang Y.
22016All framing effects are not created equal: Low convergent validity between two classic measurements of framingZhen, S; Yu, R 
32015Choking under pressure: The neuropsychological mechanisms of incentive-induced performance decrementsYu R. 
42015Disrupted thalamic resting-state functional networks in schizophreniaWang H.-L.S.; Rau C.-L.; Li Y.-M.; Chen Y.-P.; Yu R. 
52015Distinct neural representations of placebo and nocebo effectsFreeman S.; Yu R. ; Egorova N.; Chen X.; Kirsch I.; Claggett B.; Kaptchuk T.J.; Gollub R.L.; Kong J.
62013Enhanced Functional Connectivity between Putamen and Supplementary Motor Area in Parkinson's Disease PatientsYu R. ; Liu B.; Wang L.; Chen J.; Liu X.
72013Frequency Dependent Alterations in Regional Homogeneity of Baseline Brain Activity in SchizophreniaYu R. ; Hsieh M.H.; Wang H.-L.S.; Liu C.-M.; Liu C.-C.; Hwang T.-J.; Chien Y.-L.; Hwu H.-G.; Tseng W.-Y.I.
82016Negative incidental emotions augment fairness sensitivityLiu C.; Chai J.W.; Yu R. 
92017A neural signature encoding decisions under perceptual ambiguitySun, S; Yu, R ; Wang, S
102011Rapid processing of both reward probability and reward uncertainty in the human anterior cingulate cortexYu R. ; Zhou W.; Zhou X.
112011Regional grey and white matter changes in heavy male smokersYu R. ; Zhao L.; Lu L.
122012Regional white matter volumes correlate with delay discountingYu R. 
132018Situations restructure the congruency between action and valence in the action-evaluation effectWang, H; Xie, J; Mo, C; He, X; Wang, R; Yu, R ; Mo, L
142016Social conformity persists at least one day in 6-year-old childrenSun, S; Yu, R 
152015Social distance and anonymity modulate fairness consideration: An ERP studyYu, R ; Hu, P; Zhang, P
162015Social distance and anonymity modulate fairness consideration: An ERP studyYu, R ; Hu, P; Zhang, P
172016Tend to compare and tend to be fair: The relationship between social comparison sensitivity and justice sensitivityZhen S.; Yu R. 
182013The Changes of Cerebral Morphology Related to Aging in Taiwanese PopulationWang H.-L.S.; Yu R. ; Wu Y.-T.; Lee W.-Y.; Lin M.-F.; Chen C.-Y.; Shen E.-Y.
192013The Characteristic and Changes of the Event-Related Potentials (ERP) and Brain Topographic Maps before and after Treatment with rTMS in Subjective Tinnitus PatientsYang H.; Xiong H.; Yu R. ; Wang C.; Zheng Y.; Zhang X.
202016The development of the asymmetrically dominated decoy effect in young childrenZhen, S; Yu, R