Full Name
Eng Soon Chan
Chan, Eng-Soon
Chan, E.S.
Chan, E.-S.
Soon, C.E.
Soon Chan, E.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-1998A comparison of two- and three-dimensional wave breakingNepf, H.M.; Wu, C.H.; Chan, E.S. 
2Feb-2010Application of a combined IB-VOF model to wave-structure interactionsShen, L. ; Chan, E.-S. 
31-Aug-1998Applying Chaos Control in Periodic WindowsBishop, S.R.; Xu, D. ; Liaw, C.-Y. ; Chan, E.-S. 
430-Jun-2009Applying local model approach for tidal prediction in a deterministic modelSun, Y. ; Sisomphon, P. ; Babovic, V. ; Chan, E.S. 
5May-2012Artificial neural networks as routine for error correction with an application in Singapore regional modelSun, Y. ; Babovic, V. ; Chan, E.S. 
6Sep-1996Bifurcation behaviour and wave slamming force on a compliant horizontal cylinderLiaw, C.Y. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Chan, E.S. ; Cheong, H.F. ; Shankar, N.J. 
72002Breaking wind waves as a source of ambient noiseTkalich, P. ; Chan, E.S. 
8Jul-1995Breaking-wave loads on vertical walls suspended above mean sea levelChan, E.S. ; Cheong, H.F. ; Gin, K.Y.H. 
9Mar-2009Calculation of hydrodynamic forces acting on a submerged moving object using immersed boundary methodShen, L. ; Chan, E.-S. ; Lin, P.
10Oct-2009Efficient data assimilation method based on chaos theory and Kalman filter with an application in Singapore Regional ModelSun, Y. ; Sisomphon, P.; Babovic, V. ; Chan, E.S. 
11Jun-2002Elasticity effects on the water impact of an elastic flat-bottom boxLi, W.-P.; Liu, G.-R. ; Chan, E.-S. 
12Jul-2004Enhancing tidal prediction accuracy in a deterministic model using chaos theorySannasiraj, S.A.; Zhang, H.; Babovic, V.; Chan, E.S. 
13Jan-2005Error correction of a predictive ocean wave model using local model approximationBabovic, V.; Sannasiraj, S.A.; Chan, E.S. 
142007Experimental study of the plunging wave processLim, S.H.L.; Chan, E.S. 
152012Experimental study of turbulent oscillatory boundary layers in a new oscillatory water tunnelYuan, J.; Madsen, O.S.; Chan, E.S. 
161993Extreme wave action on large horizontal cylinders located above still water levelChan, Eng-Soon 
17Mar-1994Extreme wave action on large horizontal cylinders located above still water levelChan, Eng-Soon 
18Oct-2004Hydrodynamic model with wave-current interaction in coastal regionsZhang, H.; Madsen, O.S.; Sannasiraj, S.A. ; Soon Chan, E. 
192009Hydrodynamics and sediment transport modelling in estuarine environment with slon modelNesterov, O. ; Chan, E.S. 
202001Laboratory study of breaking wave induced noisesSannasiraj, S.A. ; Soon, C.E.