Full Name
Cheong Hin Fatt
(not current staff)
Fatt, C.H.
Hin-Fatt, C.
Cheong, H.-F.
Cheong, H.F.
Hin-Fatt Cheong
Fatt, Cheong Hin
Cheong, Hin-Fatt
Cheong, Hin Fatt
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-1994A boundary-fitted grid model for tidal motions: Orthogonal coordinates generation in 2-D embodying Singapore coastal watersChan, C.-T. ; Cheong, H.-F. ; Shankar, N.J. 
21-Oct-1998A size-based ecosystem model for pelagic watersGin, K.Y.H. ; Guo, J.; Cheong, H.-F. 
3Nov-1999A three-dimensional multi-level turbulence model for tidal motionChao, X. ; Shankar, N.J. ; Fatt, C.H. 
41992An experimental technique for distribution of dynamic wind loads on tall buildingsCheong, H.F. ; Balendra, T. ; Chew, Y.T. ; Lee, T.S. ; Lee, S.L. 
5Nov-1996Analysis of submerged platform breakwater by eigenfunction expansion methodCheong, H.-F. ; Shankar, N.J. ; Nallayarasu, S.
6Oct-1994Application of direct boundary integration method to wave diffraction by submerged bodiesShankar, N.Jothi ; Cheong, Hin-Fatt ; Nallayarasu, S.
7Sep-1996Bifurcation behaviour and wave slamming force on a compliant horizontal cylinderLiaw, C.Y. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Chan, E.S. ; Cheong, H.F. ; Shankar, N.J. 
81997Boundary fitted grid models for tidal motions in Singapore coastal watersShankar, Jothi N. ; Cheong, Hin-Fatt ; Chan, Chun-Tat 
91997Boundary fitted grid models for tidal motions in Singapore coastal watersJothi Shankar, N. ; Cheong, H.-F. ; Chan, C.-T. 
10Jul-1995Breaking-wave loads on vertical walls suspended above mean sea levelChan, E.S. ; Cheong, H.F. ; Gin, K.Y.H. 
111993Correlation statistics of sediment motions and its dispersionCheong, Hin-Fatt 
122012Current characteristics in the presence of near-orthogonal wavesLim, K.Y.; Madsen, O.S.; Cheong, H.F. 
13Jul-1991Discharge coefficient of lateral diversion from trapezoidal channelCheong, Hin-Fatt 
141990Dispersion of tracers along the coast of SingaporeAbdul Khader, M.H. ; Cheong, H.F. ; Yang, C.J.
15Nov-1995Effectiveness of tuned liquid column dampers for vibration control of towersBalendra, T. ; Wang, C.M. ; Cheong, H.F. 
16Jan-1995Estimation of incident and reflected waves in regular wave experimentsNallayarasu, S.; Cheong, Hin Fatt ; Jothi Shankar, N. 
17May-1993Estimation of sand transport by use of tracers along a reclaimed shoreline at Singapore Changi AirportCheong, H.-F. ; Shankar, N.J. ; Radhakrishnan, R.; Toh, A.-C.
18Mar-1995Estimation of the minimum pressure coefficient due to gustsCheong, H.-F. 
191997Experimental study on heated effluent discharge in a cross flowCheong, Hin-Fatt ; Shankar, N.Jothi ; Zhao, Zengxiang
202009Experiments on bottom roughness experienced by currents perpendicular to wavesMadsen, O.S.; Kularatne, K.A.S.R.; Cheong, H.F.