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Shankar, N Jothi
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Shankar, K.
Shankar, Jothi
Shankar, Jothi N.
Jothi Shankar, N.
Shankar, N.J.
Shankar, N.Iothi
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Sep-1994A boundary-fitted grid model for tidal motions: Orthogonal coordinates generation in 2-D embodying Singapore coastal watersChan, C.-T. ; Cheong, H.-F. ; Shankar, N.J. 
2Nov-1999A three-dimensional multi-level turbulence model for tidal motionChao, X. ; Shankar, N.J. ; Fatt, C.H. 
3Aug-2004An analytical solution of the mild-slope equation for waves around a circular island on a paraboloidal shoalLiu, H.-W. ; Lin, P. ; Shankar, N.J. 
4Nov-1996Analysis of submerged platform breakwater by eigenfunction expansion methodCheong, H.-F. ; Shankar, N.J. ; Nallayarasu, S.
5Oct-1994Application of direct boundary integration method to wave diffraction by submerged bodiesShankar, N.Jothi ; Cheong, Hin-Fatt ; Nallayarasu, S.
6Dec-2002Application of the energy flow method to vibration control of buildings with multiple tuned liquid dampersShankar, K. ; Balendra, T. 
7Sep-1996Bifurcation behaviour and wave slamming force on a compliant horizontal cylinderLiaw, C.Y. ; Lam, K.Y. ; Chan, E.S. ; Cheong, H.F. ; Shankar, N.J. 
81997Boundary fitted grid models for tidal motions in Singapore coastal watersShankar, Jothi N. ; Cheong, Hin-Fatt ; Chan, Chun-Tat 
91997Boundary fitted grid models for tidal motions in Singapore coastal watersJothi Shankar, N. ; Cheong, H.-F. ; Chan, C.-T. 
10Jan-2005Closure to "Development and Application of Oil Spill Model for Singapore Coastal Waters" by Xiaobo Chao, N. Jothi Shankar, and Sam S. Y. WangChao, X.; Jothi Shankar, N. ; Wang, S.S.
11Jul-2003Development and application of oil spill model for Singapore coastal watersChao, X.; Shankar, N.J. ; Wang, S.S.Y.
12Jan-1995Estimation of incident and reflected waves in regular wave experimentsNallayarasu, S.; Cheong, Hin Fatt ; Jothi Shankar, N. 
13May-1993Estimation of sand transport by use of tracers along a reclaimed shoreline at Singapore Changi AirportCheong, H.-F. ; Shankar, N.J. ; Radhakrishnan, R.; Toh, A.-C.
141997Experimental study on heated effluent discharge in a cross flowCheong, Hin-Fatt ; Shankar, N.Jothi ; Zhao, Zengxiang
15Sep-1987Forces on a smooth submarine pipeline in random waves - A comparative studyShankar, N.J. ; Cheong, H.-F. ; Subbiah, K.
161989Inertia dominated forces on submarine pipelines near seabedCheong, Hin-Fatt ; Shankar, N.Jothi ; Subbiah, K.
17Aug-1990Inertia regime loading on a submarine pipeline in random wavesSubbiah, K.; Cheong, H.-F. ; Shankar, N.J. 
181989Large motion analysis of compliant structures using euler parametersLiam, C.Y. ; Shankar, N.J. ; Chua, K.S.
19Oct-1997Multilevel finite-difference model for three-dimensional hydrodynamic circulationShankar, N.J. ; Cheong, H.F. ; Sankaranarayanan, S.
201993Qualitative behavior of a linear oscillator subjected to motion-dependent wave forcesLam, Yang-Kai ; Liaw, Chih-Young ; Cheong, Hin-Fatt ; Shankar, Jothi