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LIN, P.-z.
Lin, P.Z.
Pengzhi, L.
Lin, P.-Z.
Lin, P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
130-Jun-2004A compact numerical algorithm for solving the time-dependent mild slope equationLin, P. 
2Mar-2007A fixed-grid model for simulation of a moving body in free surface flowsLin, P. 
320-Dec-2005A hydrodynamic study on flow motion with vegetationXiaohui, S.; Pengzhi, L. 
4Feb-2006A multiple-layer σ-coordinate model for simulation of wave-structure interactionLin, P. 
5Mar-2004A numerical study of solitary wave interaction with rectangular obstaclesLin, P. 
6Feb-2007A staggered-grid numerical algorithm for the extended Boussinesq equationsLin, P. ; Man, C.
7Jul-2005A wave height spectral model for simulation of wave diffraction and refractionLin, P. ; Li, C.W.; Liu, H.-W.
810-Sep-2004A weak coupling algorithm for seabed-wave interaction analysisWang, J.G. ; Nogami, T. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Lin, P.Z. 
9Aug-2004An analytical solution of the mild-slope equation for waves around a circular island on a paraboloidal shoalLiu, H.-W. ; Lin, P. ; Shankar, N.J. 
103-Jun-2022An empirical model for predicting wave attenuation inside vegetation domainTang, Xiaochun; Liu, Philip L-F ; Lin, Pengzhi ; Jiang, Yun; Lin, Yu-Hsi
11Feb-2007Analysis of seabed instability using element free Galerkin methodWang, J.G.; Karim, M.R.; Lin, P.Z. 
12Aug-2005Analytical study of linear long-wave reflection by a two-dimensional obstacle of general trapezoidal shapeLin, P. ; Liu, H.-W.
13Feb-2005Discussion of "Wave transformation by two-dimensional bathymetric anomalies with sloped transitions" [Coast. Eng. 50 (2003) 61-84]Liu, H.-W.; Lin, P.-Z. 
1420-Dec-2005Modeling 3D fluid sloshing using level set methodGu, H.; Li, Y.; Lin, P. 
152006NEWFLUME: A numerical water flume for two-dimensional turbulent free surface flowsLin, P. ; Xu, W.
1630-Apr-2006Numerical modelling of 3D stratified free surface flows: A case study of sediment dumpingLin, P. ; Wang, D.
17Jul-2006Numerical simulation of sediment transport near sea bed under waves* * Project supported by Defense Science and Technology Agency, Singapore (Grant Nos: R-264-000-127-112 and R-347-000-021-422).ZHOU, Z.-x. ; LIN, P.-z. 
182006Numerical simulation of three-dimensional fluid sloshing in a container with 6 degrees-of-freedom of motionLiu, D.; Gu, H. ; Lin, P. 
192006Numerical simulation of three-dimensional viscous fluid sloshingLiu, D.; Lin, P. 
20Sep-2006Numerical simulation of wave damping over porous seabedsKarunarathna, S.A.S.A.; Lin, P.