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Wang Jian-Guo
Wang, J.G.
Wang, J.-G.
Wang, J.G
Wang, J.C.
Wang, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2008A constitutive model for casting magnesium alloy ZL101 based on the analysis of spherical void evolutionChen, B.; Peng, X.H.; Fan, J.H.; Wang, J.G. ; Sun, S.T.
21-Jan-2003A constitutive model for rock interfaces and jointsWang, JG ; Ichikawa, Y; Leung, CF 
3Jan-2007A damage-softening statistical constitutive model considering rock residual strengthWang, Z.-L.; Li, Y.-c.; Wang, J.G. 
430-Mar-2006A dynamic comprehensive method for landslide controlZuoan, W.; Shihai, L.; Wang, J.G. ; Ling, W.
51-Feb-2019A fully coupled fracture equivalent continuum-dual porosity model for hydro-mechanical process in fractured shale gas reservoirsLiu, Jia; Wang, JG ; Gao, Feng; Leung, Chun Fai ; Ma, Zhanguo
61-Jan-2009A local boundary integral-based meshless method for Biot's consolidation problemWang, JG ; Xie, Hua; Leung, CF 
72005A local radial point interpolation method for dissipation process of excess pore water pressureWang, J.G. ; Yan, L.; Liu, G.R. 
8Jul-2008A method for evaluating dynamic tensile damage of rockWang, Z.; Li, Y.; Wang, J.G. 
9Nov-2008A microstructural analysis for crushable deformation of foam materialsWang, J.G. ; Sun, W. ; Anand, S.
1020-Aug-2002A point interpolation meshless method based on radial basis functionsWang, J.G. ; Liu, G.R. 
1131-Aug-2001A point interpolation method for simulating dissipation process of consolidationWang, J.G. ; Liu, G.R. ; Wu, Y.G.
12Sep-2003A radial boundary node method for two-dimensional elastic analysisXie, H.; Nogami, T. ; Wang, J. 
131-Jan-2002A simplified homogenisation method for composite soilsWang, JG ; Leung, CF ; Ichikawa, Y
14Jun-2007A study of tensile damage and attenuation effect of perforated concrete defense layer on stress wavesWang, Z.-l.; Li, Y.-c.; Wang, J.G. ; Shen, R.F. 
15Jun-2004A two-stage manufacturing partner selection framework for virtual enterprisesHuang, X.G. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Wang, J.G. 
1610-Sep-2004A weak coupling algorithm for seabed-wave interaction analysisWang, J.G. ; Nogami, T. ; Dasari, G.R. ; Lin, P.Z. 
17Aug-2004An elastoplastic constitutive description for casting magnesium alloy ZL305Chen, B.; Peng, X.; Wang, J.G. ; Wu, X.
18Mar-2007An unequal-order radial interpolation meshless method for Biot's consolidation theoryWang, W.D.; Wang, J.G. ; Wang, Z.L.; Nogami, T. 
19Aug-2007Analysis of critical excavation depth for a jointed rock slope using a face-to-face discrete element methodLi, S.H.; Wang, J.G. ; Liu, B.S.; Dong, D.P.
20Dec-2002Analysis of transient response of saturated porous elastic soil under cyclic loading using element-free Galerkin methodKarim, M.R.; Nogami, T. ; Wang, J.G.