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13-Jun-2022An empirical model for predicting wave attenuation inside vegetation domainTang, Xiaochun; Liu, Philip L-F ; Lin, Pengzhi ; Jiang, Yun; Lin, Yu-Hsi
23-Oct-2022An ISPH with modified k-e closure for simulating breaking periodic wavesWang, Dong ; Liu, Philip L-F 
37-Mar-2022Comparative analysis of bore propagation over long distances using conventional linear and KdV-based nonlinear Fourier transformBruehl, Markus; Prins, Peter J; Ujvary, Sebastian; Barranco, Ignacio ; Wahls, Sander; Liu, Philip L-F 
415-Jul-2023Deep learning of interfacial curvature: A symmetry-preserving approach for the volume of fluid methodAsim Onder ; Liu, PLF 
51-Mar-2022Entrainment and adaptation processes in the evolution of collisional bedload layersGonzalez-Ondina, Jose M; Liu, Philip L-F ; Fraccarollo, Luigi
615-Mar-2023Inundation, runup and flow velocity of wavemaker generated bores on a planar beachBarranco, Ignacio ; Liu, Philip L-F 
71-Nov-2022Non-Stationary Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessments Compounding Tides and Sea Level RiseSepulveda, Ignacio; Liu, Philip L-F ; Grigoriu, Mircea; Haase, Jennifer S; Winckler, Patricio
81-Oct-2022On finite amplitude solitary waves-A review and new experimental dataWang, Yufei ; Liu, Philip L-F 
923-Feb-2022On Stokes wave solutionsZhao, Kuifeng; Liu, Philip L-F 
1018-Mar-2022Transient wave-induced pore-water-pressure and soil responses in a shallow unsaturated poroelastic seabedTong, Linlong; Liu, Philip L-F 
111-May-2023Turbulence Kinetic Energy inside Suspended Vegetation Domain under Periodic Water WavesTang, Xiaochun; Lin, Pengzhi ; Lin, Yu-Hsi; Jiang, Yun; Liu, Philip L-F 
12Feb-2022Validation and inter-comparison of models for landslide tsunami generationKirby, James T; Grilli, Stephan T; Horrillo, Juan; Liu, Philip L-F ; Nicolsky, Dmitry; Abadie, Stephane; Ataie-Ashtiani, Behzad; Castro, Manuel J; Clous, Lucie; Escalante, Cipriano; Fine, Isaac; Gonzalez-Vida, Jose Manuel; Lovholt, Finn; Lynett, Patrick; Ma, Gangfeng ; Macias, Jorge; Ortega, Sergio; Shi, Fengyan; Yavari-Ramshe, Saeedeh; Zhang, Cheng
138-Nov-2022Water waves generated by moving atmospheric pressure: theoretical analyses with applications to the 2022 Tonga eventLiu, Philip L-F ; Higuera, Pablo 
1416-Aug-2022Waves in waterways generated by moving pressure field in Boussinesq equations using unstructured finite element modelAgarwal, S; Sriram, V; Liu, PL-F ; Murali, K