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Lee Thong See
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Lee, T.-S.
Lee, T.S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-20073D numerical simulation on fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in multistage heat exchanger with slit finsTao, W.Q.; Cheng, Y.P. ; Lee, T.S. 
2Jan-2007A 3D analysis of oxygen transfer in a low-cost micro-bioreactor for animal cell suspension cultureYu, P. ; Lee, T.S. ; Zeng, Y. ; Low, H.T. 
3Jul-1991A false transient approach to steady state solution of fluid flow through vascular constrictionsLee, T.S. 
41996A false transient model for the study of steady fluid motion and heat transfer in trapezoidal chambers with heated basesLee, T.S. 
520-May-2013A high-resolution method for compressible two-fluid flows and simulation of three-dimensional shock-bubble interactionsZheng, J.G. ; Lee, T.S. 
6Jan-2014A novel flexible forcing hybrid ib-lbm scheme to simulate flow past circular cylinderDash, S.M.; Lee, T.-S. ; Huang, H.
7Jul-2009A numerical analysis of cell density effect on oxygen transport in a micro-bioreactor with a tissue engineering scaffoldYu, P. ; Zeng, Y. ; Lee, T.S. ; Low, H.T. 
8Nov-2008A numerical analysis of effects of vortex breakdown on oxygen transport in a micro-bioreactorYu, P. ; Lee, T.S. ; Zeng, Y. ; Low, H.T. 
920-Apr-2007A numerical method for flows in porous and homogenous fluid domains coupled at the interface by stress jumpYu, P. ; Lee, T.S. ; Zeng, Y. ; Low, H.-T. 
1030-Sep-1998A numerical method for the computation of the effects of an air vessel on the pressure surges in pumping systems with air entrainmentLee, T.S. 
112002A numerical study of cavitation foot-prints in liquid-lubricated asymmetrical herringbone grooved journal bearingsJunmei, W.; Lee, T.S. ; Shu, C. ; Jiankang, W.
1230-May-2009A numerical technique for laminar swirling flow at the interface between porous and homogenous fluid domainsYu, P. ; Lee, T.S. ; Zeng, Y. ; Meguid, S.A.; Low, H.T. 
132008A piecewise parabolic method for barotropic and nonbarotropic two-fluid flowsZheng, J.G. ; Lee, T.S. ; Winoto, S.H. 
14Mar-2007A piecewise parabolic method for barotropic two-fluid flowsZheng, J.G. ; Lee, T.S. ; Ma, D.J.
151993Aerodynamic stability of square , trapezoidal and triangular cylindersYazdani, M.G.; Luo, S.C. ; Lee, T.S. ; Chew, Y.T. 
16Dec-2002Air entrainment effects on the pressure transients of pumping systems with weir discharge chamberLee, T.S. ; Ngoh, K.L.
17Sep-1999Air influence on hydraulic transients on fluid system with air valvesLee, T.S. 
18Dec-1996Air influence on similarity of hydraulic transients and vibrationsLee, T.S. ; Pejovic, S. 
1910-Sep-2005An axisymmetric incompressible lattice BGK model for simulation of the pulsatile flow in a circular pipeLee, T.S. ; Huang, H.; Shu, C. 
20May-2006An axisymmetric incompressible lattice Boltzmann model for pipe flowLee, T.S. ; Huang, H.; Shu, C.