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Pavel Tkalich
Tkalich, P.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2006A CFD solution of oil spill problemsTkalich, P. 
21-Apr-2019A high-resolution atmosphere-ocean coupled model for the western Maritime Continent: development and preliminary assessmentThompson, Bijoy ; Sanchez, Claudio; Sun, Xiangming ; Song, Guiting; Liu, Jianyu; Huang, Xiang-Yu; Tkalich, Pavel 
32003A multiphase oil spill modelTkalich, P. ; Huda, K.; Gin, K.Y.H.
42005Accurate simulation of oil slicksTkalich, P. ; Xiaobo, C. 
5Sep-2008An ANN application for water quality forecastingPalani, S. ; Liong, S.-Y. ; Tkalich, P. 
62018An improved empirical dynamic control system model of global mean sea level rise and surface temperature changeWu, Q; Luu, Q.-H ; Tkalich, P ; Chen, G
72001An oil spill-food chain interaction model for coastal watersGin, K.Y.H. ; Huda, M.K.; Lim, W.K.; Tkalich, P. 
8Jun-2011ANN application for prediction of atmospheric nitrogen deposition to aquatic ecosystemsPalani, S. ; Tkalich, P. ; Balasubramanian, R. ; Palanichamy, J.
94-Sep-2009Artificial neural network for tsunami forecastingRomano, M. ; Liong, S.-Y. ; Vu, M.T. ; Zemskyy, P. ; Doan, C.D. ; Dao, M.H. ; Tkalich, P. 
102009Atmospheric fluxes of nutrients onto Singapore straitSundarambal, P. ; Balasubramanian, R. ; Tkalich, P. 
11Apr-2007Author's response to discussion of Derivation of high-order advection-diffusion schemes by Pavel Tkalich, 2006 J. Hydroinf. 8(3), 149-164Tkalich, P. 
122002Breaking wind waves as a source of ambient noiseTkalich, P. ; Chan, E.S. 
132010Case study of phytoplankton blooms in serangoon harbor of SingaporeOoi, B.H.; Zheng, H.; Yue, K.P.; Kurniawati, H.; Sundarambal, P. ; Dao, M.H. ; Roopsekhar, K.A.P. ; Wei, J.; Cho, W.; Tkalich, P. ; Malanotte-Rizzoli, P.; Patrikalakis, N.M.
14Jul-2006Derivation of high-order advection-diffusion schemesTkalich, P. 
152010Design of field experiments for adaptive sampling of the ocean with autonomous vehiclesZheng, H.; Ooi, B.H.; Cho, W.; Dao, M.H. ; Tkalich, P. ; Patrikalakis, N.M.
1623-Feb-2021Development of a MetUM (v 11.1) and NEMO (v 3.6) coupled operational forecast model for the Maritime Continent - Part 1: Evaluation of ocean forecastsThompson, Bijoy ; Sanchez, Claudio; Chong Peter Heng, B.; Kumar, Rajesh; Liu, Jianyu; Huang, Xiang-Yu; Tkalich, Pavel 
17Jun-2009Development of a neural network model for dissolved oxygen in seawaterPalani, S. ; Liong, S.-Y. ; Tkalich, P. ; Palanichamy, J.
181997Generalized method for characterizing tidal flushing in a semi-enclosed basinTkalich, P. ; Chen, Charng-Ning
1928-Feb-2018Global mean sea level rise during the recent warming hiatus from satellite-based dataQuang-Hung Luu; Qing Wu; Pavel Tkalich ; Ge Chen
2030-Dec-2007Hopping numerical approximations of the hyperbolic equationTkalich, P.