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Babovic, V.
Babovic, V.
Babovic Vladan

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12012A real options approach to the design and architecture of water supply systems using innovative water technologies under uncertaintyZhang, S.X.; Babovic, V. 
21-Sep-2015Analyzing the physics of non-tidal barotropic sea level anomaly events using multi-scale numerical modelling in Singapore regional watersKurniawan, Alamsyah ; Tay, Serene Hui Xin ; Ooi, Seng Keat ; Babovic, Vladan ; Gerritsen, Herman
321-Sep-2017Antifragility and the Development of Urban Water InfrastructureFilip Babovic; Vladan Babovic ; Ana Mijic
4Jan-2013Application of data assimilation for improving forecast of water levels and residual currents in Singapore regional watersKarri, R.R.; Badwe, A. ; Wang, X.; El Serafy, G.; Sumihar, J.; Babovic, V. ; Gerritsen, H.
530-Jun-2009Applying local model approach for tidal prediction in a deterministic modelSun, Y. ; Sisomphon, P. ; Babovic, V. ; Chan, E.S. 
6May-2012Artificial neural networks as routine for error correction with an application in Singapore regional modelSun, Y. ; Babovic, V. ; Chan, E.S. 
728-Feb-2008Data assimilation of forecasted errors in hydrodynamic models using inter-model correlationsMancarella, D.; Babovic, V. ; Keijzer, M.; Simeone, V.
82008Data-driven knowledge discovery: Four roads to vegetation-induced roughness formulaeBabovic, V. 
92008Data-model integration - An approach to assimilation of sea level anomaly data into an oceanographic modelBabovic, V. 
102015Development of a modular streamflow model to quantify runoff contributions from different land uses in tropical urban environments using Genetic ProgrammingMeshgi A.; Schmitter Petra ; Chui Ting Fong May; Babovic Vladan 
11Oct-2009Efficient data assimilation method based on chaos theory and Kalman filter with an application in Singapore Regional ModelSun, Y. ; Sisomphon, P.; Babovic, V. ; Chan, E.S. 
1210-May-2014Enhancing water level prediction through model residual correction based on Chaos theory and KrigingWang, X.; Babovic, V. 
132002Genetic Programming: A new paradigm in rainfall runoff modelingLiong, S.-Y. ; Gautam, T.R. ; Soon, T.K. ; Babovic, V. ; Keijzer, M.; Muttil, N. 
142009Harnessing hydrological systems knowledge for improved water resource management in water stressed cities such as SingaporeBabovic, V. ; Rao, R. 
15Apr-2020Hydrologically Informed Machine Learning for Rainfall‐Runoff Modeling: A Genetic Programming‐Based Toolkit for Automatic Model InductionChadalawada, Jayashree ; Herath, HMVV; Babovic, Vladan 
162009IAHS-AISH Publication: PrefaceCluckie, I.; Chen, Y.; Babovic, V. ; Konikow, L.; Mynett, A.; Demuth, S.; Savic, D.
17Jul-2009Introducing knowledge into learning based on genetic programmingBabovic, V. 
186-Dec-2010Multi-step-ahead model error prediction using time-delay neural networks combined with chaos theorySun, Y. ; Babovic, V. ; Chan, E.S. 
192007On inducing equations for vegetation resistanceBaptist, M.J.; Babovic, V. ; Uthurburu, J.R.; Keijzer, M.; Uittenbogaard, R.E.; Mynett, A.; Verwey, A.
20Jul-2009Preface: 2009 Special issue of the journal of Hydroinformatics on advances in hydroinformaticsCoulibaly, P.; Babovic, V. ; Cluckie, I.; Mynett, A.; Ball, J.