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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020An Insight on Gas Migration in Cement SlurryMunjal, P ; Kian Hau, K ; Chuen Hon Arthur, C 
2Jan-2002Analysis of long-distance earthquake tremors and base shear demand for buildings in SingaporeBalendra, T. ; Lam, N.T.K.; Wilson, J.L.; Kong, K.H. 
3Aug-2021Effect of GGBS and curing conditions on strength and microstructure properties of oil well cement slurryMunjal, Pankaj ; Hau, Kong Kian ; Hon Arthur, Cheng Chuen 
41-Jan-2019Enhancing the gel transition time and right-angle-set property of oil well cement slurries by incorporating CSA cement and gypsumPrabhakar, A ; Lee, N; Ong, KCG ; Zhang, M ; Moon, J; Cheng, A ; Kong, KH 
510-Dec-2018Experimental design of a well cement slurry for rapid gel strength developmentNamkon, Lee ; Abhinav, Prabhakar ; Gary, Ong Khim Chye ; Juhyuk, Moon ; Zhang, Min-Hong ; Arthur, Cheng Chuen Hon ; Klaus, Haugsted; Hau, Kong Kian 
610-Jan-2005Finite Element Modelling Of Cyclic Behaviour Of Shear Wall Structure Retrofitting With GFRPKong Kian Hau ; Zhijun, Li; Balendra, Tambirajah; Kiang Hwee, Tan 
76-Sep-2006Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Lightweight Aggregate Concrete BeamKong Kian Hau ; H.S., Lim; Tiong Huan, Wee ; M.A., Mansur
82019Oil Well Cement for high temperature-A reviewMunjal, P ; Hau, KK ; Prabhakar, A ; Arthur, CCH
915-Dec-2001Ultimate strength of reinforced concrete frame-wall structure designed according to BS 8110Kong, Kian Hau ; Tan, Kiang Hwee; Balendra, Thambirajah