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Liew, J.Y.R.
Richard Liew J.Y.
Liew, Richard J.Y.
Liew, R.J.Y.
Richard, J.Y.
Liew, Jat Yuen Richard
Richard, L.J.Y.
Liew, J.Y.Richard
Liew, J.Y.
Richard Liew, J.Y.
Liew, J.Y. Richard
Liew J.Y.R.
Liew, J.Y Richard
Liew, J.R.R.
Liew, J.-Y.R.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-1997Advanced analysis and design of spatial structuresRichard Liew, J.Y. ; Punniyakotty, N.M. ; Shanmugam, N.E. 
2Dec-2002Advanced analysis for performance-based design of steel structures exposed to firesLiew, J.Y.R. ; Tang, L.K.; Choo, Y.S. 
3Aug-1998Advanced analysis for the assessment of steel frames in fireLiew, J.Y.R. ; Tang, L.K.; Holmaas, T.; Choo, Y.S. 
4Mar-2004Advanced analysis of 3D steel framework exposed to compartment fireLiew, J.Y.R. ; Ma, K.Y.
52007Advanced analysis of building frames against blast and fireRichard Liew, J.Y. ; Hang, Y.
6Jul-2000Advanced inelastic analysis of frame structuresLiew, J.Y.R. ; Chen, W.F.; Chen, H. 
7Jul-2000Advanced plastic hinge analysis for the design of tubular space framesLiew, J.Y.R. ; Tang, L.K.
82010Aircraft morphing wing concepts with radical geometry changeMin, Z. ; Kien, V.K. ; Richard, L.J.Y. 
9Oct-1995Analysis and design of steel frames considering panel joint deformationsLiew, J.Y.Richard ; Chen, W.F.
10Sep-2011Analysis and design of steel-concrete composite sandwich systems subjected to extreme loadsSohel, K.M.A. ; Liew, J.Y.R. ; Zhang, M.H. 
11Jan-2013Analysis of steel-concrete composite column subject to blastKang, K.W.; Lee, S.C. ; Liew, R.J.Y. 
122007Analysis of steel-concrete-steel composite sandwich panel subjected to impulsive blast loadingKang, K.W.; Lee, S.C. ; Liew, J.Y.R. 
1317-Jan-2000Assessment of current methods for the design of composite columns in buildingsSaw, H.S.; Liew, J.Y.R. 
14Dec-2012Behavior of steel-concrete-steel sandwich structures with lightweight cement composite and novel shear connectorsSohel, Kazi Md. Abu ; Liew, J.Y. Richard ; Yan, J.B.; Zhang, Min-Hong ; Chia, Kok-Seng 
151995Behaviour and design of horizontally curved steel beamsRichard Liew, J.Y. ; Thevendran, V. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Tan, L.O.
16Nov-2002Behaviour of composite haunched beam connectionShanmugam, N.E. ; Ng, Y.H.; Liew, J.Y.R. 
171-Sep-2013Blast and ballistic resistance of ultra-high strength steelMa, C.Y.; Liew, J.Y.R. 
182010Bond enhancement for sandwich shell ice wallMarshall, P.W. ; Palmer, A. ; Liew, J.Y.R. ; Wang, T. ; Thein, M.K.W.
19Dec-2006Butterfly structure for spatial enclosuresTran, T.C.; Liew, J.Y.R. 
201998Collapse behaviour of sway frames with end-plate connectionsYu, C.H. ; Liew, J.Y.R. ; Shanmugam, N.E. ; Ng, Y.H.