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Zhang, M.-H.
Zhang, M.
Zhang M.-H.
Hong, Z.M.
Zhang, Min-hong
Zhang, M.H.
Zhang, Min-Hong


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A load-indentation formulation for cement composite filled pipe-in-pipe structuresQIAN XUDONG ; Wang Yu ; Liew Jat Yuen,Richard ; Zhang, Min-hong 
22015A model to estimate the durability performance of both normal and light-weight concreteLiu, Xuemei; Du, Hongjian ; Zhang, Min-Hong 
3May-2013Acid treatment technique for determining the mortar content of recycled concrete aggregatesAkbarnezhad, A.; Ong, K.C.G. ; Zhang, M.H. ; Tam, C.T. 
4Sep-2011Analysis and design of steel-concrete composite sandwich systems subjected to extreme loadsSohel, K.M.A. ; Liew, J.Y.R. ; Zhang, M.H. 
5Jul-2005Application of petrography for determining the quality of concrete cured in tropical environmentZhang, S.; Zhang, M. 
6Dec-2012Behavior of steel-concrete-steel sandwich structures with lightweight cement composite and novel shear connectorsSohel, Kazi Md. Abu ; Liew, J.Y. Richard ; Yan, J.B.; Zhang, Min-Hong ; Chia, Kok-Seng 
72011Compressive behavior of plain and fiber-reinforced high-strength concrete subjected to high strain rate loadingWang, S.; Zhang, M.-H. ; Quek, S.T. 
82012Development of composite sandwich structures for Arctic regionSohel, K.M.A. ; Liew, J.Y.R. ; Jiabao, Y.; Zhang, M.H. ; Marshall, P.W. 
92010Development of lightweight aggregate concrete with high resistance to water and chloride-ion penetrationLiu, X.M. ; Chia, K.S. ; Zhang, M.H. 
10Nov-2010Development of lightweight concrete with high resistance to water and chloride-ion penetrationLiu, X. ; Chia, K.S. ; Zhang, M.-H. 
11Oct-2004Effect of chemical admixtures on rheological parameters and stability of fresh lightweight aggregate concreteChia, K.S. ; Zhang, M.H. 
122009Effect of cumulative lightweight aggregate volume in concrete on its resistance to chloride-ion penetrationLiu, X.M. ; Zhang, M.H. 
131-Nov-2011Effect of high strain rate loading on compressive behaviour of fibre-reinforced high-strength concreteWang, S.; Zhang, M.-H. ; Quek, S.T. 
142010Effect of modified lignosulphonate superplasticizer on workability retention and initial setting of cement pastesZhang, M.-H. ; Reknes, K.
15Apr-2012Effect of shrinkage reducing admixture on flexural behaviors of fiber reinforced cementitious compositesWang, Jun-Yan ; Banthiab, Nemkumar; Zhang, Min-Hong 
16Sep-2011Effect of specimen size on static strength and dynamic increase factor of high-strength concrete from SHPB testWang, S.; Zhang, M.-H. ; Quek, S.T. 
172009Effect of superplasticisers on adsorption, rate of cement hydration, and pore structure of cement pastesSun, D.-J.; Sisomphon, K. ; Zhang, M.-H. 
18Sep-2010Effect of superplasticizers on workability retention and initial setting time of cement pastesZhang, M.-H. ; Sisomphon, K. ; Ng, T.S.; Sun, D.J.
19Oct-2003Effect of water-to-cementitious materials ratio and silica fume on the autogenous shrinkage of concreteZhang, M.H. ; Tam, C.T. ; Leow, M.P.
202013Effects of the parent concrete properties and crushing procedure on the properties of coarse recycled concrete aggregatesAkbarnezhad, A.; Ong, K.C.G. ; Tam, C.T. ; Zhang, M.H.