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Ong Khim Chye,Gary
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Ong, K.C.
Gary, O.K.C.
Ong, K.C.G.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Apr-2006A strut-and-tie model for ultimate loads of precast concrete joints with loop connections in tensionOng, K.C.G. ; Hao, J.B. ; Paramasivam, P. 
2May-2013Acid treatment technique for determining the mortar content of recycled concrete aggregatesAkbarnezhad, A.; Ong, K.C.G. ; Zhang, M.H. ; Tam, C.T. 
3Jan-2008Adaptive magnitude spectrum algorithm for Hilbert-Huang transform based frequency identificationOng, K.C.G. ; Wang, Z. ; Maalej, M. 
4May-2006Application of image analysis to monitor very early age shrinkageOng, K.C.G. ; Myint-Lay, K.
5Oct-2008Autoregressive coefficients based Hotelling's T2 control chart for structural health monitoringWang, Z. ; Ong, K.C.G. 
6Sep-1995Behaviour of strengthened RC T-beamsOng, K.C.G. ; Tan, K.H. ; Mansur, M.A. ; Natarajan, S.M.
7Sep-1994Carbonation prediction model for accelerated carbonation testing of concreteLoo, Y.H. ; Chin, M.S. ; Tam, C.T. ; Ong, K.C.G. 
91990Cracking of ferrocement due to restrained shrinkageOng, K.C.G. ; Paramasivam, P. 
10Feb-1997Cyclic behavior of steel-fiber mortar overlaid concrete beamsOng, K.C.G. ; Paramasivam, P. ; Subramanian, M.
112009Early age shrinkage strains at various depths of mortar prism specimensOng, K.C.G. ; Chandra, L.R.; Lay, K.M. 
12May-2010Early-age shrinkage strains versus depth of low water-cement ratio mortar prismsOng, K.C.G. ; Chandra, L.R.; Myint-Lay, K. 
132014Economic and environmental assessment of deconstruction strategies using building information modelingAkbarnezhad, A.; Ong, K.C.G. ; Chandra, L.R.
142012Economic and environmental assessment of deconstruction strategies using building information modelingAkbarnezhad, A. ; Ong, K.C.G. ; Chandra, L.R.; Lin, Z.
152013Effects of the parent concrete properties and crushing procedure on the properties of coarse recycled concrete aggregatesAkbarnezhad, A.; Ong, K.C.G. ; Tam, C.T. ; Zhang, M.H. 
161-Jan-2019Enhancing the gel transition time and right-angle-set property of oil well cement slurries by incorporating CSA cement and gypsumPrabhakar, A ; Lee, N; Ong, KCG ; Zhang, M ; Moon, J; Cheng, A ; Kong, KH 
17Oct-1985EPOXY-REPAIRED BEAMS.Mansur, M.A. ; Ong, K.C.G. 
1810-Dec-2018Experimental design of a well cement slurry for rapid gel strength developmentNamkon, Lee ; Abhinav, Prabhakar ; Gary, Ong Khim Chye ; Juhyuk, Moon ; Zhang, Min-Hong ; Arthur, Cheng Chuen Hon ; Klaus, Haugsted; Hau, Kong Kian 
19Apr-2005Ferrocement application in structural upgrading: An overviewParamasivam, P. ; Lim, C.T.E. ; Ong, K.C.G. 
201994Ferrocement laminates for strengthening RC T-beamsParamasivam, P. ; Ong, K.C.G. ; Lim, C.T.E.