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Moon Ju Hyuk


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12017Acceleration of intended pozzolanic reaction under initial thermal treatment for developing cementless fly ash based mortarKwon, Y.-H; Kang, S.-H; Hong, S.-G; Moon, J 
22013Advanced Nanoscale Characterization of Cement Based Materials Using X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation: A ReviewChae, S.R; Moon, J ; Yoon, S; Bae, S; Levitz, P; Winarski, R; Monteiro, P.J.M
31-Oct-2018Early strength development in cement-treated sand using low-carbon rapid-hardening cementsVinoth, G ; Moon, SW ; Moon, J ; Ku, T 
42017Effect of calcium carbonate fineness on calcium sulfoaluminate-belite cementJeong, Y ; Hargis, C.W; Chun, S; Moon, J 
52016Effect of tartaric acid on hydration of a sodium-metasilicate-activated blend of calcium aluminate cement and fly ash FPyatina, T; Sugama, T; Moon, J ; James, S
62017Effects of incorporating high-volume fly ash into tricalcium silicate on the degree of silicate polymerization and aluminum substitution for silicon in calcium silicate hydrateBae, S; Taylor, R; Kilcoyne, D; Moon, J ; Monteiro, P.J.M
710-Dec-2018Experimental design of a well cement slurry for rapid gel strength developmentNamkon, Lee ; Abhinav, Prabhakar ; Gary, Ong Khim Chye ; Juhyuk, Moon ; Zhang, Min-Hong ; Arthur, Cheng Chuen Hon ; Klaus, Haugsted; Hau, Kong Kian 
82016In situ soft X-ray spectromicroscopy of early tricalcium silicate hydrationBae, S; Kanematsu, M; Hernández-Cruz, D; Moon, J ; Kilcoyne, D; Monteiro, P.J.M
92017Intensified pozzolanic reaction on kaolinite clay-based mortarKwon, Y.-H; Kang, S.-H; Hong, S.-G; Moon, J 
102017Microstructural investigation of heat-treated ultra-high performance concrete for optimum productionKang, S.-H; Lee, J.-H; Hong, S.-G; Moon, J 
112015Scalable Sub-micron Patterning of Organic Materials Toward High Density Soft ElectronicsKim, J; Kim, M.-G; Kim, J; Jo, S; Kang, J; Jo, J.-W; Lee, W; Hwang, C; Moon, J ; Yang, L; Kim, Y.-H; Noh, Y.-Y; Yun Jaung, J; Kim, Y.-H; Kyu Park, S