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12018Arthroprotective effects of Cf-02 sharing structural similarity with quercetinLiu, F.-C; Lu, J.-W ; Chien, C.-Y; Huang, H.-S; Lee, C.-C; Lien, S.-B; Lin, L.-C; Chen, L.W; Ho, Y.-J; Shen, M.-C; Ho, L.-J; Lai, J.-H
22017Clinico-biological significance of suppressor of cytokine signaling 1 expression in acute myeloid leukemiaHou, H.-A; Lu, J.-W ; Lin, T.-Y; Tsai, C.-H; Chou, W.-C; Lin, C.-C; Kuo, Y.-Y; Liu, C.-Y; Tseng, M.-H; Chiang, Y.-C; Peng, Y.-L; Tang, J.-L; Gong, Z ; Lin, L.-I; Tien, H.-F
32012Identification of the common regulators for hepatocellular carcinoma induced by hepatitis B virus X antigen in a mouse modelLu, J.-W ; Hsia, Y; Yang, W.-Y; Lin, Y.-I; Li, C.-C; Tsai, T.-F; Chang, K.-W; Shieh, G.S; Tsai, S.-F; Wang, H.-D; Yuh, C.-H
42017Innovative disease model: Zebrafish as an in vivo platform for intestinal disorder and tumorsLu, J.-W ; Ho, Y.-J; Ciou, S.-C; Gong, Z 
52013Liver-Specific Expressions of HBx and src in the p53 Mutant Trigger Hepatocarcinogenesis in ZebrafishLu J.-W. ; Yang W.-Y.; Tsai S.-M.; Lin Y.-M.; Chang P.-H.; Chen J.-R.; Wang H.-D.; Wu J.-L.; Jin S.-L.C.; Yuh C.-H.
62014Overexpression of endothelin 1 triggers hepatocarcinogenesis in zebrafish and promotes cell proliferation and migration through the AKT pathwayLu J.-W. ; Liao C.-Y.; Yang W.-Y.; Lin Y.-M.; Jin S.-L.C.; Wang H.-D.; Yuh C.-H.
72017Overexpression of SOX4 correlates with poor prognosis of acute myeloid leukemia and is leukemogenic in zebrafishLu, J.-W ; Hsieh, M.-S; Hou, H.-A; Chen, C.-Y; Tien, H.-F; Lin, L.-I
82015Suramin inhibits chikungunya virus entry and transmissionHo Y.-J.; Wang Y.-M.; Lu J.-W. ; Wu T.-Y.; Lin L.-I.; Kuo S.-C.; Lin C.-C.
92015Zebrafish as a model for the study of human myeloid malignanciesLu, J.-W ; Hsieh, M.-S; Liao, H.-A; Yang, Y.-J; Ho, Y.-J; Lin, L.-I
102014Zebrafish WNK lysine deficient protein kinase 1 (wnk1) affects angiogenesis associated with VEGF signalingLai J.-G.; Tsai S.-M.; Tu H.-C.; Chen W.-C.; Kou F.-J.; Lu J.-W. ; Wang H.-D.; Huang C.-L.; Yuh C.-H.