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11-Dec-2020A solution-processable and ultra-permeable conjugated microporous thermoset for selective hydrogen separationLIU WEI ; JIANG SHUDONG ; Yan, Y; Wang, W; LI JING ; LENG KAI ; SUSILO JAPIP ; Liu, J; XU HAI ; LIU YANPENG ; PARK IN-HYEOK ; BAO YANG ; Yu, W; Guiver, MD; Zhang Sui ; LOH KIAN PING 
22017Anion exchange coupled with the reduction and dimerisation of a copper(ii) nitrate complex of tripyridyl dithioether via a single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformationLee, H.-H; Park, I.-H ; Kim, S; Lee, E; Ju, H; Jung, J.H; Ikeda, M; Habata, Y; Lee, S.S
34-Apr-2020Divergent Chemistry Paths for 3D and 1D Metallo-Covalent Organic Frameworks.Xu, Hai-Sen; Luo, Yi; SEE PEI ZHEN ; LI XING ; Chen, Zhongxin; Zhou, Yi; Zhao, Xiaoxu; Leng, Kai; PARK IN-HYEOK ; LI RUNLAI ; LIU CUIBO ; Chen, Fangzheng; Xi, Shibo; Sun, Junliang; LOH KIAN PING 
42018Isomerism in double-pillared-layer coordination polymers - Structures and photoreactivityPark, I.H ; Ju, H; Kim, K; Lee, S.S; Vittal, J.J 
56-Nov-2010Porphyrin/Quinoidal Bithiophene Based Macrocycles and Their Dications: Template-free Synthesis and Global AromaticityREN LONGBIN ; YADAGIRI GOPALAKRISHNA TULLIMILLI ; PARK IN-HYEOK ; Han, Y.; Wu Jishan 
62018Snapshot and crystallographic observations of kinetic and thermodynamic products for NO 2 S 2 macrocyclic complexesPark, I.-H ; Kang, Y; Lee, E; Ju, H; Kim, S; Seo, S; Jung, J.H; Lee, S.S
72014Solid-state conversion of a MOF to a metal-organo polymeric framework (MOPF) via [2+2] cycloaddition reactionPark I.-H. ; Chanthapally A. ; Lee H.-H.; Quah H.S. ; Lee S.S.; Vittal J.J. 
82017Synthesis, structures and magnetic properties of isoreticular polyrotaxane-type two-dimensional coordination polymersPark, I.-H ; Herng, T.S ; Ju, H; Ding, J ; Lee, S.S; Vittal, J.J