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Utkur Mirziyodovich Mirsaidov
Utkur Mirziyodovich Mirsaidov
Mirsaidov, U.
Mirsaidov, U.M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Feb-2011Analytical method for parameterizing the random profile components of nanosurfaces imaged by atomic force microscopyMirsaidov, U. ; Timashev, S.F.; Polyakov, Y.S.; Misurkin, P.I.; Musaev, I.; Polyakov, S.V.
25-Sep-2023Assessing Ultrathin Wafer-Scale WS2 as a Diffusion Barrier for Cu InterconnectsSalim El Kazzi ; Ya Woon Lum ; Ivan Erofeev ; Saumitra Vajandar; Sergej Pasko; Simonas Krotkus; Ben Conran; Oliver Whear; Thomas Osipowicz; Utkur Mirziyodovich Mirsaidov 
39-Mar-2021Deep Learning-Based High Throughput Inspection in 3D Nanofabrication and Defect Reversal in Nanopillar Arrays: Implications for Next Generation TransistorUTKARSH ANAND ; TANMAY GHOSH ; ZAINUL AABDIN ; Nandi Vrancken; YAN HONGWEI ; XiuMei Xu; Frank Holsteyns; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
411-Nov-2023Direct Observation of Hollow Bimetallic Nanoparticle Formation through Galvanic Replacement and Etching ReactionsWenhui Wang ; Ivan Erofeev ; Ya He; Fangqi Yang; Hongwei Yan ; Jiong Lu ; Utkur Mirziyodovich Mirsaidov 
52017Direct observation of the nanoscale Kirkendall effect during galvanic replacement reactionsChee, S.W ; Tan, S.F ; Baraissov, Z ; Bosman, M ; Mirsaidov, U 
62019Direct Observations of the Rotation and Translation of Anisotropic Nanoparticles Adsorbed at a Liquid−Solid InterfaceCHEE SEE WEE ; UTKARSH ANAND ; GEETA BISHT ; TAN SHU FEN ; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
725-Feb-2021Evolution of Anisotropic Arrow Nanostructures during Controlled OvergrowthWANG WENHUI ; IVAN EROFEEV ; PROLOY NANDI ; YAN HONGWEI ; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
814-Mar-2021Formation Pathways of Porous Alloy Nanoparticles through Selective Chemical and Electrochemical EtchingJIANG YINGYING ; Lu Wang; Michel Meunier; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
92019Growth Dynamics of Gallium Nanodroplets Driven by Thermally Activated Surface DiffusionZHASLAN BARAISSOV ; Federico Panciera ; Laurent Travers; Jean-Christophe Harmand; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
102018In Situ Kinetic and Thermodynamic Growth Control of Au−Pd Core− Shell NanoparticlesTAN SHU FEN ; GEETA BISHT ; UTKARSH ANAND ; MICHEL BOSMAN ; Xin Ee Yong; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
112019Interface-mediated Kirkendall effect and nanoscale void migration in bimetallic nanoparticles during interdiffusionChee, S.W. ; Wong, Z.M. ; Baraissov, Z. ; Tan, S.F. ; Tan, T.L.; Mirsaidov, U. 
122019Intermediate Structures of Pt−Ni Nanoparticles during Selective Chemical and Electrochemical EtchingTAN SHU FEN ; CHEE SEE WEE ; ZHASLAN BARAISSOV ; Hongmei Jin; Teck Leong Tan; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
13May-2010Nanopore sequencing: Electrical measurements of the code of lifeTimp, W.; Mirsaidov, U.M. ; Wang, D.; Comer, J.; Aksimentiev, A.; Timp, G.
142020Nanoscale Elastocapillary Effect Induced by Thin-Liquid-Film InstabilityNandi Vrancken; TANMAY GHOSH ; UTKARSH ANAND ; ZAINUL AABDIN ; CHEE SEE WEE ; ZHASLAN BARAISSOV ; Herman Terryn; Stefan De Gendt; Zheng Tao; XiuMei Xu; Frank Holsteyns; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
152015Numerical study of homogeneous nanodroplet growthQuang Tran Si Bui; Leong Fong Yew; Utkur Mirziyodovich Mirsaidov 
162-Nov-2020Partitioning the Interlayer Space in Covalent Organic Frameworks by Embedding Pseudorotaxane MoietiesXing Li ; Hai-Sen Xu ; Kai Leng ; See Wee Chee ; Xiaoxu Zhao ; Noopur Jain ; Hai Xu ; Jingsi Qiao ; Qiang Gao ; In-Hyeok Park ; Su Ying Quek ; Utkur Mirsaidov ; Kian Ping Loh 
172020Phase Selection in Self-catalyzed GaAs NanowiresFederico Panciera; ZHASLAN BARAISSOV ; Gilles Patriarche; Vladimir G. Dubrovskii; Frank Glas; Laurent Travers; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV ; Jean-Christophe Harmand
1811-Mar-2020Rapid, Scalable Construction of Highly Crystalline Acylhydrazone Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks via Dipole-Induced Antiparallel StackingLI XING ; QIAO JINGSI ; CHEE SEE WEE ; XU HAISEN ; ZHAO XIAOXU ; Choi, HS; Yu, W; QUEK SU YING ; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV ; LOH KIAN PING 
1916-Sep-2019Selective Wet Etching of Silicon Germanium in Composite Vertical NanowiresZHASLAN BARAISSOV ; Antoine Pacco; SIDDARDHA KONETI ; GEETA BISHT ; Federico Panciera; Frank Holsteyns; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
202020Structural changes in noble metal nanoparticles during CO oxidation and their impact on catalyst activityChee, S.W.; Arce-Ramos, J.M.; Li, W.; Genest, A.; Mirsaidov, U.