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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
128-Jan-2021A data reduction and compression description for high throughput time-resolved electron microscopyDatta, Abhik ; Ng, Kian Fong ; Balakrishnan, Deepan ; Ding, Melissa; Chee, See Wee ; Ban, Yvonne; Shi, Jian ; Loh, N. Duane 
22017Direct observation of the nanoscale Kirkendall effect during galvanic replacement reactionsChee, S.W ; Tan, S.F ; Baraissov, Z ; Bosman, M ; Mirsaidov, U 
32019Direct Observations of the Rotation and Translation of Anisotropic Nanoparticles Adsorbed at a Liquid−Solid InterfaceCHEE SEE WEE ; UTKARSH ANAND ; GEETA BISHT ; TAN SHU FEN ; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
41-Dec-2018Directed self-assembly of ge quantum dots using focused Si2+ ion beam patterningChee S.W. ; Kammler M.; Graham J.; Gignac L.; Reuter M.C.; Hull R.; Ross F.M.
52019Interface-mediated Kirkendall effect and nanoscale void migration in bimetallic nanoparticles during interdiffusionChee, S.W. ; Wong, Z.M. ; Baraissov, Z. ; Tan, S.F. ; Tan, T.L.; Mirsaidov, U. 
62019Intermediate Structures of Pt−Ni Nanoparticles during Selective Chemical and Electrochemical EtchingTAN SHU FEN ; CHEE SEE WEE ; ZHASLAN BARAISSOV ; Hongmei Jin; Teck Leong Tan; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
72020Nanoscale Elastocapillary Effect Induced by Thin-Liquid-Film InstabilityNandi Vrancken; TANMAY GHOSH ; UTKARSH ANAND ; ZAINUL AABDIN ; CHEE SEE WEE ; ZHASLAN BARAISSOV ; Herman Terryn; Stefan De Gendt; Zheng Tao; XiuMei Xu; Frank Holsteyns; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
82-Nov-2020Partitioning the Interlayer Space in Covalent Organic Frameworks by Embedding Pseudorotaxane MoietiesXing Li ; Hai-Sen Xu ; Kai Leng ; See Wee Chee ; Xiaoxu Zhao ; Noopur Jain ; Hai Xu ; Jingsi Qiao ; Qiang Gao ; In-Hyeok Park ; Su Ying Quek ; Utkur Mirsaidov ; Kian Ping Loh 
911-Mar-2020Rapid, Scalable Construction of Highly Crystalline Acylhydrazone Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks via Dipole-Induced Antiparallel StackingLI XING ; QIAO JINGSI ; CHEE SEE WEE ; XU HAISEN ; ZHAO XIAOXU ; Choi, HS; Yu, W; QUEK SU YING ; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV ; LOH KIAN PING 
109-Mar-2021Three-Step Nucleation of Metal–Organic Framework NanocrystalsLIU XIANGWEN ; CHEE SEE WEE ; Sanoj Raj; Michal Sawczyk; Petr Kral; UTKUR MIRZIYODOVICH MIRSAIDOV 
11Feb-2021Two-dimensional adaptive membranes with programmable water and ionic channelsAndreeva, Daria V ; Trushin, Maxim ; Nikitina, Anna ; Costa, Mariana CF ; Cherepanov, Pavel V ; Holwill, Matthew; Chen, Siyu; Yang, Kou; Chee, See Wee ; Mirsaidov, Utkur ; Castro Neto, Antonio H ; Novoselov, Kostya S