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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019A Dual Inhibitor of Cdc7/Cdk9 Potently Suppresses T Cell ActivationChen, E.W. ; Tay, N.Q. ; Brzostek, J. ; Gascoigne, N.R.J. ; Rybakin, V. 
22016Cell type-specific regulation of immunological synapse dynamics by B7 ligand recognitionBrzostek, J ; Gascoigne, N.R.J ; Rybakin, V 
31-Jun-2021Corticotropin-releasing factor induces functional and structural synaptic remodelling in acute stressVandael, Dorien; Wierda, Keimpe; Vints, Katlijn; Baatsen, Pieter; De Groef, Lies; Moons, Lieve; Rybakin, Vasily ; Gounko, Natalia, V
42018Development of a screening strategy for new modulators of T cell receptor signaling and T cell activationChen E.W.; Brzostek J. ; Gascoigne N.R.J. ; Rybakin V. 
57-Apr-2021Expansion of an Unusual Virtual Memory CD8+ Subpopulation Bearing V?3.2 TCR in Themis-Deficient MicePrasad, Mukul ; Wojciech, Lukasz ; Brzostek, Joanna ; Hu, Jianfang; Chua, Yen Leong ; Tung, Desmond Wai Hon ; Yap, Jiawei ; Rybakin, Vasily ; Gascoigne, Nicholas R. J. 
611-Nov-2020Themis regulates metabolic signaling and effector functions in CD4+ T cells by controlling NFAT nuclear translocationPrasad, Mukul ; Brzostek, Joanna ; Gautam, Namrata ; Balyan, Renu ; Rybakin, Vasily ; Gascoigne, Nicholas R. J. 
727-Nov-2018Themis-associated phosphatase activity controls signaling in T cell developmentMehta, Monika; Brzostek, Joanna ; Chen, Elijah W ; Tung, Desmond WH ; Chen, Shuting; Sankaran, Shvetha; Yap, Jiawei ; Rybakin, Vasily ; Gascoigne, Nicholas RJ