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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019An investigation on the therapeutic potential of butein, a tretrahydroxychalcone against human oral squamous cell carcinomaBordoloi, D.; Monisha, J.; Roy, N.K.; Padmavathi, G.; Banik, K.; Harsha, C.; Wang, H. ; Kumar, A.P. ; Arfuso, F.; Kunnumakkara, A.B.
22020Celastrol alleviates gamma irradiation-induced damage by modulating diverse inflammatory mediatorsWang, H. ; Ahn, K.S. ; Alharbi, S.A.; Shair, O.H.M.; Arfuso, F.; Sethi, G. ; Chinnathambi, A.; Tang, F.R. 
32015Des-aspartate-angiotensin I attenuates mortality of mice exposed to gamma radiation via a novel mechanism of actionWang H. ; Sethi G. ; Loke W.-K.; Sim M.-K. 
41-Sep-2021Early life irradiation-induced hypoplasia and impairment of neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus and adult depression are mediated by microrna-34a-5p/t-cell intracytoplasmic antigen-1 pathwayWang, H ; Ma, Z; Shen, H; Wu, Z; Liu, L; Ren, B; Wong P.S. ; Sethi, G ; Tang, F 
52019FBXW7 in cancer: What has been unraveled thus far?Sailo, B.L.; Banik, K.; Girisa, S.; Bordoloi, D.; Fan, L. ; Halim, C.E. ; Wang, H. ; Kumar, A.P. ; Zheng, D.; Mao, X.; Sethi, G. ; Kunnumakkara, A.B.
62017Potential protective effects of ursolic acid against gamma irradiation-induced damage are mediated through the modulation of diverse inflammatory mediatorsWang H. ; Sim M.-K. ; Loke W.K.; Chinnathambi A.; Alharbi S.A.; Tang F.R. ; Sethi G. 
730-Jun-2021Spatiotemporal dynamics of gamma H2AX in the mouse brain after acute irradiation at different postnatal days with special reference to the dentate gyrus of the hippocampusTang, Feng Ru ; Liu, Lian; Wang, Hong ; Ho, Kimberly Jen Ni ; Sethi, Gautam 
828-Aug-2001Strain differences in freezing behavior of PVG hooded and Sprague-Dawley rats: Differential cortical expression of cholecystokinin2 receptorsFarook, J.M.; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Moochhala, S. ; Lee, L. ; Wong, P.T.-H. ; Wang Hong 
9Apr-2013X-linked markers in the Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene associated with oral cleftsPatel, P.J.; Beaty, T.H.; Ruczinski, I.; Murray, J.C.; Marazita, M.L.; Munger, R.G.; Hetmanski, J.B.; Wu, T.; Murray, T.; Rose, M.; Redett, R.J.; Jin, S.C.; Lie, R.T.; Wu-Chou, Y..-H.; Wang, H. ; Ye, X.; Yeow, V.; Chong, S. ; Jee, S.H.; Shi, B.; Scott, A.F.