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Wee Sun Lee
Sun Lee, W.
Lee, Wee Sun
Lee, W.-S.
Lee, W.S.
Wee, S.L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2020A Bidirectional Graph Neural Network for Traveling Salesman Problems on Arbitrary Symmetric GraphsYujiao Hua; Zhen Zhang; Yuan Yao; Xingpeng Huyan; Xingshe Zhou; Wee Sun Lee 
22008A generative model for parsing natural language to meaning representationsLu, W. ; Ng, H.T. ; Lee, W.S. ; Zettlemoyer, L.S.
32008A point-based POMDP planner for target trackingHsu, D. ; Lee, W.S. ; Rong, N.
427-Sep-2020A reinforcement learning approach for optimizing multiple traveling salesman problems over graphsYUJIAO HU; YUAN YAO; LEE WEE SUN 
52000A robust codec for transmission of very low bit-rate video over channels with bursty errorsLee, W.S. ; Pickering, M.R.; Frater, M.R.; Arnold, J.F.
62005A simple probabilistic approach to learning from positive and unlabeled examplesZhang, D.; Lee, W.S. 
72003A theoretical analysis of query selection for collaborative filteringDasgupta, S.; Lee, W.S. ; Long, P.M.
82013Active learning for probabilistic hypotheses using the maximum Gibbs error criterionNguyen, V.C.; Lee, W.S. ; Ye, N. ; Chai, K.M.A.; Chieu, H.L.
917-Oct-2021AI-Lyricist: Generating Music and Vocabulary Constrained LyricsMa, X; Wang, Y ; Kan, MY ; Lee, WS 
102019An Interactive Multi-Task Learning Network for End-to-End Aspect-Based Sentiment AnalysisRuidan Hey; Wee Sun Lee ; Hwee Tou Ng ; Daniel Dahlmeier
112012Bootstrapping Monte Carlo tree search with an imperfect heuristicNguyen, T.-H.D.; Lee, W.-S. ; Leong, T.-Y. 
122003Building text classifiers using positive and unlabeled examplesLiu, B.; Dai, Y.; Li, X. ; Lee, W.S. ; Yu, P.S.
132011CAPIR: Collaborative action planning with intention recognitionNguyen, T.-H.D.; Hsu, D. ; Lee, W.-S. ; Leong, T.-Y. ; Kaelbling, L.P.; Lozano-Perez, T.; Grant, A.H.
142000Compressing as well as the best tiling of an imageLee, W.S. 
152014Conditional random field with high-order dependencies for sequence labeling and segmentationCuong, N.V.; Ye, N. ; Lee, W.S. ; Chieu, H.L.
162009Conditional random fields with high-order features for sequence labelingYe, N. ; Lee, W.S. ; Chieu, H.L.; Wu, D.
172009Cooled and relaxed survey propagation for MRFsChieu, H.L.; Lee, W.S. ; Teh, Y.-W.
182019Deep Graphical Feature Learning for the Feature Matching ProblemZhen Zhang; Wee Sun Lee 
192013DESPOT: Online POMDP planning with regularizationSomani, A.; Ye, N. ; Hsu, D. ; Lee, W.S. 
202009Domain adaptive bootstrapping for named entity recognitionWu, D.; Lee, W.S. ; Ye, N. ; Chieu, H.L.