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Li Xiaoli
Li, L.
Li, X.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A core-attachment based method to detect protein complexes in PPI networksWu, M; Li, X ; Kwoh, C.-K; Ng, S.-K
22002A refinement approach to handling model misfit in text categorizationWu, H.; Phang, T.H. ; Liu, B. ; Li, L. 
32016A two-layer integration framework for protein complex detectionOu-Yang, L; Wu, M; Zhang, X.-F; Dai, D.-Q; Li, X.-L ; Yan, H
42004Automatic model structuring from text using bioMedical ontologyJoshi, R. ; Li, X. ; Ramachandaran, S.; Leong, T.Y. 
52013Benchmarking Human Protein Complexes to Investigate Drug-Related Systems and Evaluate Predicted Protein ComplexesWu M.; Yu Q.; Li X. ; Zheng J.; Huang J.-F.; Kwoh C.-K.
62003Building text classifiers using positive and unlabeled examplesLiu, B.; Dai, Y.; Li, X. ; Lee, W.S. ; Yu, P.S.
72010Computational approaches for detecting protein complexes from protein interaction networks: A surveyLi, X ; Wu, M; Kwoh, C; Ng, S
82004Dealing with different distributions in learning from positive and unlabeled web dataLi, X. ; Liu, B.
92017Deep-learning: Investigating deep neural networks hyper-parameters and comparison of performance to shallow methods for modeling bioactivity dataKoutsoukas, A; Monaghan, K.J; Li, X ; Huan, J
102014Detecting temporal protein complexes from dynamic protein-protein interaction networksOu-Yang, L; Dai, D.-Q; Li, X.-L ; Wu, M; Zhang, X.-F; Yang, P
112016Drug-target interaction prediction via class imbalance-aware ensemble learningEzzat, A; Wu, M; Li, X.-L ; Kwoh, C.-K
122000Efficient partitioning and scheduling of computer vision and image processing data on bus networks using divisible load analysisBharadwaj, V. ; Li, X. ; Ko, C.C. 
132003Eliminating noisy information in Web pages for data miningYi, L.; Liu, B.; Li, X. 
142014Ensemble positive unlabeled learning for disease gene identificationYang P.; Li X. ; Chua H.-N.; Kwoh C.-K.; Ng S.-K.
152014Finding trans-regulatory genes and protein complexes modulating meiotic recombination hotspots of human, mouse and yeastWu, M; Kwoh, C.-K; Li, X ; Zheng, J
162011Inferring Gene-Phenotype associations via global protein complex network propagationYang P.; Li X. ; Wu M.; Kwoh C.-K.; Ng S.-K.
172002Innovating web page classification through reducing noiseLi, X. ; Shi, Z.
182003Learning to classify texts using positive and unlabeled dataLi, X. ; Liu, B.
192014Microbial community pattern detection in human body habitats via ensemble clustering frameworkYang, P; Su, X; Ou-Yang, L; Chua, H.-N; Li, X.-L ; Ning, K
202011Multi-resolution independent component analysis for high-performance tumor classification and biomarker discoveryHan, H; Li, X.-L