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Liu, Bing


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A hybrid factored frontier algorithm for dynamic bayesian networks with a biopathways applicationPalaniappan, S.K.; Akshay, S.; Liu, B. ; Genest, B.; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
22002A refinement approach to handling model misfit in text categorizationWu, H.; Phang, T.H. ; Liu, B. ; Li, L. 
32001Analyzing the interestingness of association rules from the temporal dimensionLiu, B. ; Ma, Y. ; Lee, R.
42000Analyzing the subjective interestingness of association rulesLiu, B. ; Hsu, W. ; Chen, S. ; Ma, Y. 
52012Approximate probabilistic analysis of biopathway dynamicsLiu, B. ; Hagiescu, A.; Palaniappan, S.K.; Chattopadhyay, B.; Cui, Z.; Wong, W.-F. ; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
61999Clustering transactions using large itemsWang, Ke; Xu, Chu; Liu, Bing 
71997Discovering interesting holes in dataLiu, B. ; Ku, L.-P. ; Hsu, W. 
82001Discovering the set of fundamental rule changesLiu, B. ; Hsu, W. ; Ma, Y. 
92001Discovering unexpected information from your competitors' Web sitesLiu, B. ; Ma, Y. ; Yu, P.S.
102000Exploration mining in diabetic patients databases: Findings and conclusionsHsu, W. ; Lee, M.L. ; Liu, B. ; Ling, T.W. 
111999Finding interesting patterns using user expectationsLiu, B. ; Hsu, W. ; Mun, L.-F.; Lee, H.-Y.
12Oct-1994Finding the shortest route using cases, knowledge, and Dijkstra's algorithmLiu, Bing ; Choo, Siew-Hwee; Lok, Shee-Ling; Leong, Sing-Meng; Lee, Soo-Chee; Poon, Foong-Ping; Tan, Hwee-Har
132001Identifying non-actionable association rulesLiu, B. ; Hsu, W. ; Ma, Y. 
141994Integrating case-based reasoning, knowledge-based approach and Dijkstra algorithm for route findingLiu, Bing ; Choo, Siew-Hwee; Lok, Shee-Ling; Leong, Sing-Meng; Lee, Soo-Chee; Poon, Foong-Ping; Tan, Hwee-Har
15Jul-1993Knowledge-based factory scheduling: Resource allocation and constraint satisfactionLiu, B. 
162012Modeling and analysis of biopathways dynamicsLiu, B. ; Thiagarajan, P.S. 
172000Multi-level organization and summarization of the discovered rulesLiu, B. ; Hu, M. ; Hsu, W. 
182002Multivariate time series prediction via temporal classificationLiu, B. ; Liu, J.
192007Plasma: A scripting language for processing media streamsZhu, T.; Korshunov, P.; Liu, B. ; Ooi, W.T. 
201996Post-analysis of learned rulesLiu, Bing ; Hsu, Wynne