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Tze Yun Leong
Leong, T.-Y.
Yun, L.T.
Leong, T.Y.
Leong, T.
Tze, Y.L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1201150 years of informatics research on decision support: What's nextMitchell, J.A.; Gerdin, U.; Lindberg, D.A.B.; Lovis, C.; Martin-Sanchez, F.J.; Miller, R.A.; Shortliffe, E.H.; Leong, T.-Y. 
22000A data preprocessing framework for supporting probability-learning in dynamic decision modeling in medicine.Zhao, F.; Leong, T.Y. 
32013A dynamic programming algorithm for learning chain event graphsSilander, T.; Leong, T.-Y. 
42005A framework to learn bayesian network from changing, multiple source biomedical dataLi, G. ; Leong, T.-Y. 
52010A model driven approach to imbalanced data sampling in medical decision makingYin, H.-L.; Leong, T.-Y. 
62006A Set-based Hybrid Approach (SHA) for MRI segmentationLiu, J. ; Leong, T.-Y. ; Chee, K.B.; Tan, B.P.; Shuter, B. ; Wang, S.-C. 
72009A surprise triggered adaptive and reactive (star) framework for online adaptation in non-stationary environmentsNguyen, T.-H.D.; Leong, T.-Y. 
82009Active learning for causal bayesian network structure with non-symmetrical entropyLi, G. ; Leong, T.-Y. 
92010An analytic characterization of model minimization in Factored Markov Decision ProcessesGuo, W. ; Leong, T.-Y. 
102000Application of K-nearest neighbors algorithm on breast cancer diagnosis problem.Sarkar, M. ; Leong, T.Y. 
112003Automated knowledge extraction for decision model construction: a data mining approach.Zhu, A.L.; Li, J. ; Leong, T.Y. 
12Jan-2014Automatic detection and quantification of brain midline shift using anatomical marker modelLiu, R. ; Li, S.; Su, B.; Tan, C.L. ; Leong, T.-Y. ; Pang, B.C.; Lim, C.C.T.; Lee, C.K.
132004Automatic model structuring from text using bioMedical ontologyJoshi, R. ; Li, X. ; Ramachandaran, S.; Leong, T.Y. 
142001Automating dynamic decision model construction to support clinical practice guideline developmentZhu, A.-L.; Leong, T.-Y. 
152007Biomedical knowledge discovery with topological constraints modeling in bayesian networks: A preliminary reportLi, G. ; Leong, T.-Y. 
162007Biomedical knowledge discovery with topological constraints modeling in Bayesian networks: a preliminary report.Li, G. ; Leong, T.Y. 
172012Bootstrapping Monte Carlo tree search with an imperfect heuristicNguyen, T.-H.D.; Lee, W.-S. ; Leong, T.-Y. 
182001Building decision support systems for treating severe head injuriesDora, C.S. ; Sarkar, M. ; Sundaresh, S. ; Harmanec, D.; Yeo, T.T.; Poh, K.L. ; Leong, T.Y. 
192011CAPIR: Collaborative action planning with intention recognitionNguyen, T.-H.D.; Hsu, D. ; Lee, W.-S. ; Leong, T.-Y. ; Kaelbling, L.P.; Lozano-Perez, T.; Grant, A.H.
202005Challenges in an adapttive modeling framework for systems biologyJoshi, R. ; Leong, T.Y.