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Kan, M.-Y.
Kan, M.-Y.
Kan, M.Y.
Yen-Kan, M.
Lim, M.K.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A collaborative annotation frameworkShevade, B.; Sundaram, H.; Yen-Kan, M. 
227-Jun-2015A comprehensive evaluation of scholarly paper recommendation using potential citation papersSUGIYAMA KAZUNARI ; KAN MIN-YEN 
32004A development framework for rapid meta-heuristics hybridizationLau, H.C. ; Wan, W.C. ; Lim, M.K. ; Halim, S. 
42010A hybrid morpheme-word representation for machine translation of morphologically rich languagesLuong, M.-T. ; Nakov, P. ; Kan, M.-Y. 
52007A rich OPAC user interface with AJAXGozali, J.P.; Kan, M.-Y. 
613-Nov-2017About.Me Dataset for User-centric OSN AnalysisBang Hui Lim; Dongyuan Lu; Tao Chen; Kan Min-Yen 
72007Adaptive sorted neighborhood methods for efficient record linkageYan, S.; Lee, D.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Giles, L.C.
82013Addressing cold-start in app recommendation: Latent user models constructed from twitter followersLin, J.; Sugiyama, K. ; Kan, M.-Y. ; Chua, T.-S. 
92008An empirical study of students' perceptions on e-learning systemsTheng, Y.-L.; Tun, E.E.; Zaw, M.M.H.; Cho, S.Y.Y.; Miao, C.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Tang, A.C.
1020-Apr-2021Analyzing the Domain Robustness of Pretrained Language Models, Layer by LayerKashyap, Abhinav Ramesh ; Mehnaz, Laiba; Malik, Bhavitvya; Waheed, Abdul; Hazarika, Devamanyu; Kan, Min-Yen ; Shah, Rajiv Ratn
11Sep-2013Automatic keyphrase extraction from scientific articlesKim, S.N.; Medelyan, O.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Baldwin, T.
122011Automatically evaluating text coherence using discourse relationsLin, Z.; Ng, H.T. ; Kan, M.-Y. 
132-Jun-2019ChairVisE: An analytic lens for conference submission dataKan Min-Yen ; Prasad, Animesh ; Ahuja, Saumya; Jiang, Shenhao ; Wadhwa, Bimlesh 
142018Cold Start Thread Recommendation as Extreme Multi-label ClassificationKishaloy Halder ; Lahari Poddar ; Min-Yen Kan 
152012Combining coherence models and machine translation evaluation metrics for summarization evaluationLin, Z.; Liu, C. ; Ng, H.T. ; Kan, M.-Y. 
162013Constructing an anonymous dataset from the personal digital photo libraries of Mac app store usersGozali, J.P.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Sundaram, H.
172004Corpus-based query expansion in online public access catalogsKomarjaya, J.; Poo, D.C.C. ; Kan, M.-Y. 
182018Countering Position Bias in Instructor Interventions in MOOC Discussion ForumsMuthu Kumar Chandrasekaran; Min-Yen Kan 
19Jun-2013Creating a live, public short message service corpus: The NUS SMS corpusChen, T.; Kan, M.-Y. 
202005Customization in a unified framework for summarizing medical literatureElhadad, N.; Kan, M.-Y. ; Klavans, J.L.; McKeown, K.R.